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Dallas Cowboys vs Indianapolis Colts Preview

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Dallas enters this Sunday very well-rested. The Cowboys are 8-3 and they host the Indianapolis Colts this week. Now that December is here, the Cowboys know that there is no room for mistakes and screw-ups at this stage of their 2022 season.

Indianapolis is coming off a 1-3 run in November. The Colts stand with a 4-7-1 record and are second in the AFC South. Despite the unconvincing record, the Colts have strength on their which would be the running game as well as the running defense and defense overall. At least three Colts players have 4.0+ sacks this season and the rushing defense allows an average of four yards per carry. Indy's defensive weakness is their inability to cover tight ends, but as far as covering wide receivers go, it's a different story. No doubt, the Cowboys face a tough challenge.

Dallas overcame issues on Thanksgiving against the New York Giants. Considering the Cowboys haven't played since, they were granted another bye week and that means they've had more than enough time to devise a game plan against Indianapolis.

Clearly, the Cowboys need to excel on both sides of the ball. A well-balanced team that can do play well on offense and defense. Being in the most crucial month of the season, the Cowboys need to play their best football in order to secure a birth in the playoffs and to ensure their ability to make a deep playoff run.

Scoring touchdowns is the top offensive priority. As far as defense, sacking the quarterback, forcing turnovers, avoiding penalties, and forcing Indianapolis to constantly have to punt is their key to sublime defense. In Dallas' case, it's all about staying at a minimum TWO steps ahead of the Colts. And to not afford the Colts any opportunities whatsoever.

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