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Why Dallas Cowboys and Super Bowl Don't Belong in the Same Sentence

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Another season right down to the toilet for the Dallas Cowboys. An embarrassing playoff loss to none other than the Green Bay Packers. There's a new Aaron in town and Green Bay's new quarterback isn't really about love when it comes to facing Dallas. 48-32 final score. This is on head coach Mike McCarthy, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, and the entire team. A lesson that this team never seems to learn; arrogance has a hefty price.

Jimmy Johnson delivered a half-time rant and Dak Prescott even went as far as saying, "I sucked," in his post-game conference. Even Skip Bayless has reached his breaking point with this team as he declared that he's done with these as he described PLAYOFF FRAUDS. Stephen A. Smith and about 99 percent of the NFL fan base are loving it.

Never again should the Dallas Cowboys ever be mentioned in the same sentence as SUPER BOWL. Quite frankly, going into the 2024 season, they should NOT be considered favorites. They're NOT Super Bowl material as they've proved it time and time again for the past 25+ years.

This season, for the most part, Dallas proved that they can easily overpower and defeat a weak team under .500, however, Dallas did pull off a respectable win or two, but nothing to convince the world that they're capable of a deep playoff run. The fact that Prescott was in the MVP hunt is ludicrous.

The future of this team is irrelevant. As history has proved for decades, as long as Jerry Jones is in charge, the only thing the Cowboys are chasing is their tails.

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