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Three Things The Carolina Panthers Need To Do This Off-Season

The Carolina Panthers are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. This means we can get into what the Panthers need to do in the off-season. Here are three things the Panthers have to do this off-season. 

1. Sign All The O-Linemen Possible

 The Carolina Panthers need to sign and draft offensive linemen (I don’t know how Bryce Young hasn’t died behind his current line). The Panthers' Target should be players like Yosh Nijman and Lucas Patrick (both will be free agents this off-season). If that does not happen Bank Of America might as well plan Bryce’s funeral. 

2. Get Some Weapons For Young 

The Panthers similar to the Kansas City Chiefs desperately need help at receiver. Imagine Bryce Young with a Mike Evans type (that should be Carolina's top free agent priority, David Tepper’s got money he sure as hell is not spending it). A popular draft prospect that is being talked about among Carolina fans is Devontez Walker (he could be a great number-one wide receiver for the Panthers or somewhere else if he makes it to the second round of the draft). 

3. Hire A Decent Head Coach

Now, this last option may seem like it shouldn’t be said. But, David Tepper does not get this message. Tepper this is for you, hire someone decent, who is not washed up you have money (who am I kidding he would not do that, according to him he brought Beyonce, and that somehow has to do something with the Carolina Panthers ), and use that money to bring in a decent head coach who knows what they are doing 

 These are three necessary things the Panthers need to do this offseason to succeed (the obvious is getting rid of David Tepper but, you can’t get rid of owners). Ultimately, until Tepper is gone the Carolina Panthers are screwed.


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