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The Gridiron in Green Bay Hosts Another Big Matchup

Heading into Week 12 of the NFL season, one would have been forgiven for assuming that the conclusion of the Week 14 matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers was a foregone conclusion. Despite their problems, the Chiefs were near the top of their conference, and the Packers were in the bottom half of their division. However, after wins against the Los Angeles Chargers and Detroit Lions, the Packers look poised and have seen good play from quarterback Jordan Love, starting for the first year in his career after Aaron Rogers’ blockbuster move to the New York Jets.

The Packers are bolstered after their recent results, and talk of Jordan Love’s future will likely be put to bed. He deserves a contract extension based on his overall play and situation up to this point. We’ve seen him make off-platform plays, a trait passed down through the most recent quarterbacks in Green Bay, and as of right now, he has shown stats similar to where Aaron Rodgers was in his first season as a starter.

The Chiefs ended their scoring woes last week against the Las Vegas Raiders, putting up 31 points for the first time since a September matchup against the Chicago Bears. The Chiefs have relied on having one of the best offenses in football in previous years, but this year, their defense has kept them in games. Their defense has allowed 181 points against them to this point in the season, the second-lowest in the NFL behind the San Francisco 49ers.

The game will be cold, with the weather in Green Bay set to peak in the mid-thirties. It will be interesting to see how that might affect the game; both teams have plenty of experience playing in cold weather. The Chiefs and Packers go far back, even meeting in Super Bowl I in 1967.

(Photo by James Flores/Getty Images)

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