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San Antonio Brahmas Sign QB Kurt Benkert

It was announced on March 23, 2023, that The San Antonio Brahmas of the XFL will be signing Quarterback Kurt Benkert. How does this help San Antonio? When is the earliest Benkert can start a game? Will Benkert be Good for the Brahmas?

How does this help San Antonio?

This helps San Antonio mightily. The Brahmas' quarterbacks before Benkurt was Joack Coan and Reid Sinnett. If you were wondering, Why did San Antiono make this signing?

Let’s look at the last game San Antonio played as to why they signed a QB. Sinnett got the start vs the Arlington Renegades, he threw for 13-of-19 for 97 yards with one touchdown and one pick (not awful but not good). Coan’s performance wasn’t any better, he went 7-of-15 for 42 yards and threw two interceptions (a worse performance than Sinnett had).

Benkert's signing helps the Brahmas for several reasons. The first reason, Benkert provides NFL experience (He was with the Falcons from 2018-2021, then went to Green Bay Packers from 2021-2022 then had a small stint with the San Franciso 49ers. On top of that Benkert threw in the combine and proved he can still sling the pigskin at a pro level.

The second reason, the Brahmas didn’t have great options before they signed Kurt Benkert. The third reason, he has a social media following that can translate into more San Antonio Brahmas fans. This is shown when he makes an appearance on the youtube sports show GPS (Grossi Perna Show, hosted by sports youtube legends Tom Grossi and Brandon Perna.)

(Most recent interview on GPS)

When is the earliest Benkert can start a game?

The next Brahmas game is against the Renegades again. It may be too soon for Kurt to start so more likely his first start would be in Week 7 versus the Vegas Vipers. Don’t be surprised if the Brahmas start doing well.

Kurt Benkert will be a great quarterback for the San Antonio Brahmas. He can not only throw the football but, also deliver football knowledge to anyone, even if they aren't an XFL quarterback.

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