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Real Madrid's Brilliant Investing Strategy

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

About two months ago, Real Madrid won its 14th UEFA Champions League title. Real Madrid's history of success and list of accomplishments are beyond endless. In addition, an endless amount of legends have played and won titles with the club.

Real Madrid has been around since 1902. In a span of 120 years, the club has won a total of 96 titles. With a long illustrious history of success, the club is determined to keep its lifelong winning tradition going. And the way they've been doing it is by investing in great and unique talent.

For the first past 20 to 30 years, the club has invested well over billions and billions in talent. Many signings have been successful and many have not. That's the object of the game; some moves work and some don't. Bad investments result in money wasted, but it happens. Every major club in Europe has lost money due to signings that didn't work out.

But in Real Madrid's case, while the club has spent money on veterans, the club has invested heavily in young talent over the years. Brazilian talent like Rodrygo, Éder Militão, and Vinícius Júnior are great examples. Uruguayan midfielder Federico Valverde is another. Furthermore, French youngsters Eduardo Camavinga and Aurélien Tchouaméni are a huge part of the club's future.

So while it's clear that Real Madrid has a history of heavy investing with a good track record. Furthermore, it's clear that the club's strategy is to invest in, build and groom young talent and by doing that, it's obvious that Real Madrid is consistently focused on investing in its future and planning ahead. It's all about staying ahead of other clubs as far as planning for the future.

Real Madrid's investing strategy is all part of their building strategy. In addition, it's part of their future planning strategy.

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