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New York Giants 3 Round Mock Draft

After a season that saw them completely flip the narrative around them as a franchise, the Giants will look to continue to build their budding roster through what may prove to be a very important draft for the franchise. As we get closer to draft time, it is still extremely tough to tell what they may target, but I'll give it my best shot here in my 3 round mock draft.

Round 1 Pick 25- WR Jordan Addison

The Giants wide receiver room has come a long way in just a few short months. They have signed some really good depth pieces such as Parris Campbell and Jamison Crowder, both of whom will step in and make an immediate impact for a team that saw some serious issues with their receivers last year.

However, they still need a true star wide receiver, and Jordan Addison has the ability to be just that. The Giants have made it pretty clear through their moves thus far, along with previous moves the regime made in Buffalo, that they much prefer separation over contested catch ability in their receiving core, and I believe Jordan Addison could step right in and be Daniel Jones number 1 target.

Addison is a truly fantastic route runner, and had incredible success both at Pitt and at USC. Just imagine this teamed up with Darren Waller and Saquon Barkley.

Round 2 Pick 57- C Joe Tippmann

The Giants have been in need of a good center for much of the past 10 years, and after the departure of Nick Gates and Jon Feliciano, the positional need is likely peaking right now for the franchise. Pairing up a good, young center with superstar LT Andrew Thomas and promising RT Evan Neal could do amazing things for both the running and passing game, and adding Tippmann may do just that.

Investing in a true center is something that will truly pay dividends down the line for a team that has fully invested in their quarterback, and has shown sheer dominance running the ball this past season. The Giants are a team that, historically speaking, is known for having a dominant offensive line. Adding a guy like Tippmann is the kind of move that can restore that for them.

Round 3 Pick 89- DB Sydney Brown

Alright fine, maybe my Illini bias is showing here, but Sydney Brown is a freaking beast. A versatile defensive back that can play both safety and nickel corner, he could greatly compliment a defense that is without a true cornerback 2, and who just lost Julian Love to free agency. Check out this dominant play by him against Wisconsin this past season, absolutely mauling a tight end.

Brown went absolutely ballistic at the Senior Bowl, showing just how great his intangibles are. not only this, but the guy is a turnover forcing machine. In his career, he had 10 interceptions and 4 forced fumbles, but this past season was easily his best, with 6 interceptions and a fumble forced and recovered. Brown's stock has been rising for months, and I think that if he's there, the Giants need to pounce on it.

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