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Jack Jones' Time in New England Is Over

This Patriots season has been anything but usual, and that was once again proven today. According to agent J. Tooson and the NFL Network's Mike Garafolo, Jack Jones is being waived by the New England Patriots. This comes after the Arizona State (by way of USC) product missed curfew before the Washington Commanders game a week ago and played just 10 snaps against the Indianapolis Colts yesterday. From his in-house suspension last year to now, it's been anything but smooth sailing, and now everyone gets to move on.

"See Where His Head's At"

Much like in Week 9, Jones was a ghost in the opening few series yesterday, watching Jonathan Jones and Shaun Wade get the start at cornerback on the boundary. After which, he played only 10 snaps for the entire game, bringing his total to 40 over the last two weeks (28 percent snap rate). What's also been a trend these last two games is Jones sitting away from the rest of the team these last two weeks, as reported by multiple Patriots reporters, and was even brought up to Patriots cornerback coach Mike Pellegrino about a week ago.

Then, just yesterday, Jabrill Peppers was asked about the sophomore cornerback and the trend of him sitting by himself and stated this.

"No, not yet. But I've got a very good relationship with him. I'm going to go talk to him, see where his head's at."

I can't speculate on how that conversation may have gone, but the bottom line is that Jones is gone, and a cornerback room that began with Christian Gonzalez, Jonathan, Marcus, and Jack Jones as your top four guys is down to just the elder statesmen Jones for the rest of the year. Wouldn't be shocked if this was also a duel-posed release either. Firstly, to cut bait from someone you've had issues with over the last 12 months and to let J.C. Jackson know he's just as expendable. Feels like a move right up Bill Belichick's alley. In any case, this is a sad end for a Patriots corner who had a ton of promise in his rookie season.

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