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Gaffney's 2024 NFL Midseason Mock Draft

As the back half of the NFL season kicks off tonight with the Chicago Bears-Carolina Panthers tank bowl, it feels like as good a time as any to get a lay of the land before the 2024 draft. This is a group that boasts some elite pass-catching talent like Marvin Harrison Jr, Brock Bowers, and Keon Coleman, a litany of offensive line and edge talent, and a pair of blue-chip signal callers in the form of Caleb Williams and Drake Maye. Here's how I see the first two rounds shaking out as the College Football regular season draws closer to a conclusion.


-Selection order based on NFL Standings before Bears vs. Panthers.

-Picks based on the following criteria- Team needs. Pending free agents. What I would do or what the team would do should I consider it warranted. Etc.

-No trades beyond those that have already been completed.

- For posterity's sake, the only prospect I assume isn't entering the draft is Sheduer Sanders (Spoiler: Big fan).

Pick 1) Arizona Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr, WR (Ohio State)

With Kyler Murray set to return with some winnable games before their very late Week 14 bye, I don't envision the Cardinals staying in this spot come April, barring something drastic. I can also see them sticking with Murray unless they want to offload him to a team like the Chicago Bears or, more realistically, the Atlanta Falcons. That said, the safest and best option on the board is Marvin Harrison Jr, who might be the best receiver prospect since Megatron. Yes, he's that good.

At 6'4' and 205 lbs, the son of NFL Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison Sr might not have a flaw to his game: Great hands, tracks the ball very well, is just as good a contested catch guy as he is a YAC guy, and his route running is superb. Even Theo Ash said recently that he thinks MHJ is "the best prospect I've ever watched." I don't know if I'm willing to go that far just yet, but Harrison Jr is the realest of deals, as he continues his campaign toward being a likely Heisman Trophy finalist. If you're the Cardinals going into next year with Murray, MHJ, Michael Wilson, Rondale Moore, and James Conner, that's a pretty good skill position situation, and you still have another first-rounder to play with.

Pick 2) Chicago Bears (via Carolina Panthers) - Caleb Williams, QB (USC)

If I were running the ship in Chicago, I'd be more than willing to give Justin Fields one more year, given the lack of protection and weapons they've given him until they traded D.J. Moore. However, the Bears could easily clean house after this season, and the new showrunners may want to start over at the quarterback position. Seeing how things are going after another loss to the Saints this last weekend, that option seems more likely. While the argument of who is the top 2024 signal-caller is significantly closer than it was two months ago, Caleb Williams would still be my top option.

The highly touted prospect has had some significant bumps in the road this season, with some rough outings against Notre Dame and Utah, the talent with Williams is undeniable. His ability to create out of structure is unmatched, and his arm talent is out of this-world good. Some of the throws he made just recently against Washington were downright absurd.

Williams isn't a perfect prospect by any means, but drafting Williams, or even Drake Maye for that matter, isn't addressing the root problems with the Bears. The left side of their offensive line has been a train wreck, although they just got Braxton Jones back. They had zero game wreckers upfront on the other side of the ball before they got Montez Sweat, they don't pay their in-house guys, and they have no feeling of culture. And until they fix things, specifically in the trenches and locker room, any quarterback they draft will end up falling into the same traps Fields has. Will that stop them from taking a quarterback though? Absolutely not, if I had to guess.

Pick 3) Chicago Bears - Jared Verse, EDGE (Florida State)

If the Bears feel content sticking with Braxton Jones and Darnell Wright at the tackle spots, they need to get themselves a legit difference-maker to either work with Williams or pair with Montez Sweat on the other side of the ball. I wouldn't overthink it here; get an absolute stud in Jared Verse to pair with Sweat, and you're cooking with gas on the defensive front moving forward. How quickly he gets off the line is genuinely insane, and paired with elite hand usage, Verse has been a menace in the ACC for the last two seasons. Not a Khalil Mack-Akeem Hicks re-run, but he and Sweat together would be horrifying for the rest of the NFC if everything goes accordingly.

Pick 4) New York Giants - Dallas Turner, EDGE (Alabama)

Big Blue is in a spot where they could do any number of things, but like the Bears, I think the idea of getting a certified duo of pass rushers is too good to pass up. You could argue that Dallas Turner or a few other guys are the best EDGE in this class. Here, he's No. 2 off the board. Currently on his own without Will Anderson, the 6'4 Fort Lauderdale native is on pace to set a career-high in sacks, sitting at 7.5 for the Crimson Tide.

On top of his pass-rush acumen, Turner's discipline, attention to detail, and patience in general jump out immediately. For someone who doesn't turn 21 years old until the week of the Super Bowl, that's what impresses me the most. Put him opposite Kayvon Thibodeaux, and you are sitting pretty for the foreseeable future. Selecting a quarterback could also make sense here, but even with Daniel Jones' ACL tear, I think going there about 13 months after giving him a $160,000,000 extension with $80,000,000 in guarantees with the fourth pick is a bad look, especially with the holes in this roster. In round two or three, I could see though.

Pick 5) New England Patriots - Drake Maye, QB (North Carolina)

While everything over these last two years hasn't been entirely on Mac Jones in New England, it feels like there's enough to suggest he's not the long-term answer for the Patriots. Considering some of the internal turmoil in 2022 as well, it may be best for all parties to move on. The pick for the Patriots is hardly a consolation prize for losing out on Caleb Williams. In fact, Dane Brugler of the Athletic, just recently named UNC signal caller Drake Maye his No. 1 prospect in this entire draft class, even over Harrison Jr. I'm not willing to say he's better than Williams at this point, but that went from a non-conversation in August to a real debate in November, so do with that what you will.

The two common criticisms I've seen with Maye in the early stages of getting to know him better are that he's not as accurate outside of the pocket as he is inside, and he's a bit slow going through progressions, which, for the record, you do see. But outside of that, Maye is big time. His arm talent and deep ball accuracy/placement are elite, and with an estimated 4.60 40 time, he has natural speed that can translate as a runner. The Patriots would need to do a better job of surrounding him with pass catchers than they did with Jones, but Maye has all the makings of a franchise guy.

Pick 6) Los Angeles Rams - Brock Bowers, TE (Georgia)

Something about the Rams having a first-round pick doesn't sit right with me. The natural order of things is for them to trade this pick to get someone you understand. Like many of the teams in the top 10, they could go EDGE and not think twice, but they have the opportunity to create a three-headed passing-catching monster akin to King Ghidorah, and I don't think Sean McVay and Les Snead are going to pass that up. A main trio of Cooper Kupp, Puka Nacua, and Brock Bowers would be genuinely unstoppable in every way.

Although he's a bit undersized by NFL standards right now, Bowers could realistically be a top-five NFL tight end by the end of his rookie year. He has George Kittle's ability to make stuff happen after the catch, he's a monster at the catch point like Gronk was and has the speed of a low-end wide receiver. Not to mention that Georgia has gotten him involved as a runner with sweeps out of the backfield. He's the complete package for a tight end and paired with some good blocking ability, might be the second-best player in this entire class. While the level of tight end prospect Bowers is at will get him Gronk comparisons as a pass catcher, he reminds me more of another Patriots tight end who isn't named Ben Coates or Russ Francis. You can figure out who that is.

Pick 7) Green Bay Packers - Olu Fashanu, OT (Penn State)

I have a tough time seeing the Packers continuing with David Bakhtiari. Since tearing his ACL on a New Year's Eve practice in 2020, the star left tackle has played just 14 games for the Packers. That knee injury also came just 1.5 months after signing a monster four-year extension, which the Packers can get out of this offseason. If Bakhtiari plays in 2024, it probably won't be in Green Bay. Now, the question is, who is his replacement? Olu Fashanu or Joe Alt? Fashanu would have most likely been a top 20 pick in last year's class had he not committed to playing at Penn State for one more year, so he could wrap up his degrees, very commendable. Fashanu has a great build for a tackle at 6'6 and in the 310 lb range and could be a franchise tackle on about a dozen teams by the time next season starts up.

Pick 8) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Keon Coleman, WR (Florida State)

It's hard to say how the Bucs will handle their coaching staff come this offseason, but I think there's a solid chance they give Baker Mayfield another year as the starter. They've lost 4-of-5, but you can put all that on him, especially the Texans' loss. No matter what, I think Mike Evans is gone, and replacing him becomes priority one when that happens. Right now, I lean toward athletic freak Keon Coleman as the No. 2 WR prospect in this upcoming draft, and he's been lights out for the Seminoles in his first year.

Coleman's athleticism shouldn't come as a big shock, considering he was a dual sport athlete at Michigan State, playing in a handful of basketball games in 2021. Also not shocking are the box out and jump ball ability Coleman possesses. 50-50 balls for him are 75-25, with his vertical and hands combo. While he doesn't have elite high-end speed, neither does Evans, and he's seemed to turn out just fine.

Pick 9) Denver Broncos - Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB (Alabama)

To say the Broncos' defense has gone from elite to atrocious in less than a full year would be one hell of an understatement. Even if you take away the 350 rushing yards they gave up to the Dolphins, they'd still be a bottom 10 defense in every yardage category and the 11th-worst scoring defense without those 70 points given up. Replacing Vance Joseph is only a part of how the Broncos fix things on the defensive side of the ball. They need difference makers anywhere they can find them, especially in the secondary, to pair with Justin Simmons and Pat Surtain.

Enter Kool-Aid McKinstry (I swear on everything that's his name), Alabama's top corner and one of a few key pieces in the secondary slated to go in the '24 draft for the Tide. As Nick Saban's top outside corner, McKinstry is a menace in man-to-man with his ideal size/frame and long arms. And although he only has two career picks, he's still a playmaker, picking up 15 PBUs in 2022, with another five this season. He's the exact type of corner you pair with Surtain and put opposing offenses in the Camel Clutch for 60 minutes.

On a final note, this needs to be addressed. The reason his name is Kool-Aid is because his grandmother gave it to him because of his smile, akin to the Kool-Aid Man. That's not even the craziest part, because his real first name might be better, Ga'Quincy. First Ballot Hall of Fame lock? Many are saying this.

Pick 10) Tennessee Titans - Joe Alt, OT (Notre Dame)

No real reason not to get straight to the point; the Titans' offensive line is a trainwreck, and they need to use every resource at their disposal to protect Will Levis moving forward. Joe Alt is the only correct pick in this spot. You can't teach size and athleticism, and at 6'8, the Notre Dame prospect somehow has both. If you're willing to bank on high-end traits, Alt is the guy for you. Not that he isn't technically sound in most areas already, but 6'8 franchise tackles don't exactly grow on trees. He'd be Tennessee's best offensive lineman by default the second he walks in the door. Additionally, his father John Alt, also a former first-rounder, had a decade-plus career with the Chiefs, making multiple Pro Bowls plus a Second-Team All-Pro team, and was inducted into the team's Hall of Fame in 2002.

Pick 11) Atlanta Falcons - Chop Robinson, EDGE (Penn State)

Hindsight being 20/20, I'm surprised the Falcons weren't in on either of the two former Commanders pass rushers given the price, but for what it's worth, the guys they have now have been good at generating pressure despite not getting home much. In any case, I can see them holding off on a quarterback for a round (at the absolute max) and getting another edge rusher to pair with Arnold Ebiketie, doing so in the form of another Nittany Lion, Chop Robinson. His physical profile is similar to Micah Parsons at 6'3 and 250 lbs, but in watching a couple of his outings in 2022, he seemed to rely a bit much on his burst off the line and bend to win off the edge, and that will need to change. Robinson has also missed a few games this year, but he could be back this week against Michigan.

Pick 12) Washington Commanders - JC Latham, OT (Alabama)

Going with an EDGE guy here would make a ton of sense, but if the Commanders can't protect Sam Howell, they'll never have a shot. JC Latham is the exact guy Washington is looking for in that sense. Although he's spent his college career predominantly at right tackle, he would be fine playing either spot in the NFL, even inside if it's necessary. Watching him against LSU, Latham is good with his hands and can stop guys dead in their tracks. I wouldn't call him a run-game bulldozer by any means, but he's rock solid in that area as well. Given Washington's tackle situation with Charles Leno and Andrew Wylie, the Alabama man could start at either tackle spot for them in 2024.

Pick 13) Indianapolis Colts - Johnny Newton, IDL (Illinois)

With his recent banned substance suspension and the fact he's hitting free agency at 30 years old, I wouldn't be surprised if Chris Ballard decides to move on and replace Grover Stewart in the early goings of this offseason. At this stage, Johnny Newton is the consensus No. 1 IDL in this class by a wide margin. Despite being on the smaller end of things like Calijah Kancey last year, he's a game wrecker between the tackles and is off of a spectacular 2022 with another great season in 2023. He's a multi-tech interior lineman who's a force against the pass and run (19.5 tackles for loss and 10 sacks in his last 24 games) and has the motor to match the production. Already a big fan of what Newton can do at this point in the year, smart kid too. He made All-Academic Big-10 honors a season ago.

Pick 14) Las Vegas Raiders - Taliese Fuaga, OT (Oregon State)

The Raiders could do any number of things at 14, including taking a quarterback, but going in the trenches is never a bad idea. Meet Taliese Fuaga, 6'6 and 330-plus lbs out of Oregon State. Back on the traits talk, guys his size and wing span, who possess the tenacity and will to be a force in the run game are a godsend. Got the chance to see a good chunk of his snaps against UCLA earlier this year, and Fuaga lives to beat people up in the run game and is a pretty solid pass protector as well. He simply plays like a guy that would fit what Antonio Pierce would probably want to build in Sin City. Day one plug-and-play guy at right tackle, his natural spot.

Pick 15) Arizona Cardinals (via Houston Texans) - Cooper DeJean, CB/SAF (Iowa)

Some may know Cooper DeJean as of late as the Iowa return man who had a walk-off touchdown wiped off the board for an 'illegal fair catch', but he's also one of the best defensive backs in the country this year. Is he a corner, safety, or a mix of both? I'd lean toward the latter option, but he's a playmaker, all the same. DeJean plays with a ton of aggression in the run game while also having the production against the pass to equal things out (Eight career picks, three Pick-6s, and a dozen PBUs since 2022). Not to mention he's also a legit return man, so there's another way he can make an impact.

Where DeJean ends up in reality will depend on scheme more than anything, but Arizona feels like a logical landing spot. He can be that do-it-all swiss army knife for Jonathan Gannon, either paired with Budda Baker or by replacing him. Either way, he has a real shot to be the first white defensive back to start an NFL game at cornerback in over 20 years, depending on how teams want to use him. Please don't ask why I know that off-hand.

Pick 16) New York Jets - Jordan Morgan, OT (Arizona)

The fact that Jets GM Joe Douglas felt good with the structure of his offensive line going into this year was mind-boggling, and it only took about 90 seconds of game action for his hubris to blow up in his face, with Aaron Rodgers rupturing his Achilles via facing some heat off the edge. Bet he regrets laughing off the Steelers trading up to get Broderick Jones right about now. In any case, the Jets need to go offensive line here, no matter what. While I think the best option is Armarius Mims out of Georgia, he's also extremely raw, with just under 400 snaps to his name before this season. If you believe the Jets really didn't want Jones, they probably won't be in on Mims either.

The next best option with much more starting experience is Arizona's Jordan Morgan, who is coming off a spectacular outing against UCLA's Laiatu Latu and co. He looked excellent in his pass sets, light on his feet at 6'5, and had good active hands at all times in pass protection. Morgan is also a Captain for Jedd Fisch's program, so that's another plus for the big man. Throw him on either side of the line with Mekhi Becton, and I'd imagine Jets fans would feel a bit better about things upfront going into next year.

Pick 17) Los Angeles Chargers - Nate Wiggins, CB (Clemson)

Regardless of what the coaching situation in Tinseltown looks like in 2024, the defense outside of Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, and Derwin James needs a major overhaul. This is the worst pass defense in the league, giving up over 280 yards per game on average, and allowing a league-high 26.9 completions per outing. With Michael Davis slated for free agency, this is as good a time as any to do a soft reset in the cornerback room, and Nate Wiggins would be a great fit. The Clemson product fits the Christian Gonzalez mold, from the standpoint that he's a bit slim but with a great frame and long arms. He also moves around pretty well and has great senses around the ball. Since last year Wiggins has 15 PBUs and two interceptions, one of which was a back-breaking Pick-6 on Drake Maye in the ACC Championship game.

Pick 18) Buffalo Bills - Rome Odunze, WR (Washington)

While the pick here is a receiver, and I believe that's the correct choice, it's not exactly a sure route Buffalo takes. They could draft someone in the secondary or defensive front should they find someone they like, but the bottom line is they desperately need someone to compliment Stefon Diggs on the outside. Washington's Rome Odunze can be that exact guy. Although he's not much of a YAC threat, Odunze has all the makings of a red zone fiend and a big play threat at the next level. Getting to watch some Washington games in real time this year, I've become a big fan of the Washington product. The elite name doesn't hurt either.

Pick 19) New Orleans Saints - Laiatu Latu, EDGE (UCLA)

Although Cam Jordan is still kicking at 34 years old, finding his long-term replacement feels likely for New Orleans, especially as Micky Loomis finds some new illegal way to get out of a $90,000,000 cap hole (#AbolishMickyLoomis). There may not be a more interesting option in this EDGE class than Laiatu Latu. After a medical retirement due to a neck injury at Washington. Since transferring to UCLA, he's only put up 21.5 sacks, 28.5 TFLs, 5 Forced Fumbles, and 68 tackles in 24 games. The neck injury will likely scare some teams off, but the fastball (his pass-rushing ability) goes 110 mph, he wouldn't have the expectation to start right away, and he'd get to watch and work with Jordan on a personal level. Has a lot of time playing in four-man fronts too which helps out.

Pick 20) Minnesota Vikings - Michael Penix Jr, QB (Washington)

Before these last few, I didn't envision the Vikings taking a quarterback in the first round, but a lot can change in about 20 days. My gut says Cousins is staying in Minnesota on a short-term deal, but the Vikings need to find a viable long-term replacement, and Michael Penix is worth the look here at pick 20. Although he's set to turn 24 before his rookie season and despite suffering two torn ACLs when he was at Indiana, the sixth-year senior has lit up the Pac-12, and by extension, the college football world in 2023, firmly in front of the Heisman trophy race.

Penix isn't the biggest field general in the world, but he has out-of-this-world arm talent. Not a typical throwing motion by any means, and it's a tad slow, but it works for him. Penix could also probably be better with his footwork, but outside of that, he's a very solid prospect in the things he can control. The age and injury history knocks him down but I will fly the Michael Penix Jr. Flag gladly. Clutch, has a great arm and was voted captain in both years at his second program, which shouldn't be discredited.

Pick 21) Dallas Cowboys - Armarius Mims, OT (Georgia)

Dallas' tackle situation gets a bit murky beyond this year, so this feels like the perfect spot for Armarius Mims to become the successor to Tyron Smith. The lack of experience (including this year due to an ankle injury in September) is a fair concern, but this is another high-end traits guy. You don't find guys like Mims, who stands at 6'7 and 340 lbs, all that often, and watching him start in both of Georgia's playoff games from this last season, the potential is there. Looked very comfortable as both a pass and run blocker, while dishing out punishment like a guy his size should. I wouldn't be too worried about the ankle injury either. It was a severe high ankle sprain, and Mims should be back before the end of the regular season hopefully. Big fan of his in the early stages of the draft process.

Pick 22) Pittsburgh Steelers - Kalen King, CB (Penn State)

The Steelers struck gold with Joey Porter Jr this year, but their corner room is still a ways off, even with the second-generation player. Levi Wallace is slated for free agency, and Patrick Peterson could be a cut candidate next year. Luckily, since Omar Khan has liked to go in-state in recent years, Penn State just so happens to have Kalen King coming into the draft this year. On the smaller side of things, at 5'11, King still plays with physicality and can play both outside and in the slot. Feels like a good fit for that Pittsburgh defense.

Pick 23) Houston Texans (via Cleveland Browns) - Emeka Egbuka, WR (Ohio State)

Had King not just been picked, he'd be the pick here for the Texans, but instead, they go with a spicy option. Nico Collins is the most slept-on top option in football, Tank Dell is a menace in year one, and Dalton Shultz has been a quality contributor in his first season in Houston. Noah Brown and Robert Woods are slated free agents next year, and while you have John Metchie, Nick Caserio has an opportunity to turn this Texans offense from great to elite if he can get another pass-catching option. C.J. Stroud vouched hard for Dell, and I can see him doing the same with his former teammate Emeka Egbuka. He's not as big-bodied as Harrison Jr, but he has long arms, great hands, and can flat-out fly. He, Collins, and Dell would be borderline unstoppable if the Texans can keep this offensive production up long-term.

Pick 24) Cincinnati Bengals - Malik Nabers, WR (LSU)

And just like that, that's five receivers off the board before pick No. 25. Both Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins are free agents at the end of the year, and I wouldn't bet on the Bengals keeping both, seeing as D.J. Reeder needs to get paid, as does Ja'Marr Chase as soon as this summer. Malik Nabers would be a great addition, no matter who he's replacing. In the middle of a 66-catch, 1,152-yard, 10-TD season, the LSU product is a burner among burners. If he gets a step on you, it's probably over. Alabama can tell you about that.

Although his hands and speed are undeniable, Nabers doesn't appear to have a diverse route tree from the limited sample size I've seen and has some problems finding that top-most gear going vertical if he needs it, leading to some contested looks, which he isn't in a natural position to win in. Still a lot to like, and he'd fit in nicely in Cincinnati since he wouldn't have the pressure or responsibility of being the top option.

Pick 25) Seattle Seahawks - Bralen Trice, EDGE (Washington)

While the emergence of Boye Mafe has been a good sign in the Pacific Northwest, it's never a bad idea to have an extra body to rush the passer. Hell, the Seahawks were reportedly in on trying to get Patriots' edge rusher Josh Uche at the deadline before things fell through. They don't have to go too far from home to find Bralen Trice, who has some violent paws on him with a top-tier motor. Plays a bit stiff at times, but Seattle can afford to make him their No. 3 EDGE option behind Mafe and Uchenna Nwosu.

Pick 26) San Francisco 49ers - Tyler Guyton, OT (Oklahoma)

Without Trent Williams in the lineup, you see the holes this 49ers front has in this losing stretch. A fair criticism of the Shannahan-Lynch regime as of late is not doing enough in the offensive trenches, and this is where that Trey Lance trade comes back to haunt them a bit. Not here though, as they get a pretty athletic big man in Tyler Guyton. He's 6'7 and comfortably north of 310 lbs, but moves like the wind. It's scary actually. Guyton has room to grow as a pass protector based on the Texas game from this year, but he is an awesome run blocker who should still be a day-one starter.

Pick 27) Miami Dolphins - Patrick Paul, OT (Houston)

Miami has had some brutal luck with injuries along the offensive front this year, and even then this unit wasn't exactly elite entering the year. Although all three of their primary interior starters are slated for free agency, they need to find a new long-term name to stick at right tackle, and their best bet here is Houston's, Patrick Paul. Although he's not as athletic as Guyton, he's a much better pass protector at this stage. He's a large human being who understands his strength, but with some further refinement, he could be big-time. Would be interested to see how he'd fair on the right side of the line after only playing left tackle at Houston though.

Pick 28) Jacksonville Jaguars - Graham Barton, OT (Duke)

And the run is on. Jacksonville can potentially cut Cam Robinson in a cost-cutting measure to guarantee that Josh Allen and Calvin Ridley are in Duval County for the foreseeable future. I think they take it, and subsequently draft his replacement. Graham Barton is an interesting tackle prospect because he played center in his first year at Duke before kicking outside. Just watching him against Florida State, I was very impressed. Barton was a force as a run blocker and had a ton of good pass-pro snaps against a stout EDGE group. You could argue that Barton could kick in at left guard and put Walker Little out at left tackle, but you worry about that when you get there.

Pick 29) Detroit Lions - Kamari Lassiter, CB (Georgia)

Somewhere, Howie Roseman is hypothetically falling to his knees in public scaring small children, because this was his pick. Kamari Lassiter fits the mold of a mainstay outside corner, well, once he puts on some weight anyway, as he's only listed at 180 lbs. He plays with a ton of aggression for someone of his size, moves very fluidly, and although he doesn't have a lot of ball production, I wouldn't call that for the lack of effort. I'd also like to see him play closer to the line of scrimmage more, but I feel that isn't up to him at Georgia of all places. Assuming he bulks up, he'd be a great fit in Detroit. Lassiter is a demon on corner blitzes as well, which I'd imagine Dan Campbell is a fan of.

Pick 30) Baltimore Ravens - Denzel Burke, CB (Ohio State)

Denzel Burke is another stout corner, who doesn't have the size concerns that Lassitier does, but lacks that final gear to either keep up with burners or recover if he needs to. With that said, the Ohio State product uses his size, length, and fluidity to its advantage. Not a ton of picks like Lassitier either, but Burke has a whopping 25 PBUs in three years at Ohio State. Feel like that's something that the Ravens can sink their teeth into.

Pick 31) Kansas City Chiefs - Xavier Worthy, WR (Texas)

I've seen a lot of varying opinions on Xavier Worthy, but my fear is he falls to the Chiefs and turns into a monster. That fear is realized here. Not a big wideout, but Worthy is fast as the day is long and can line up inside and out. I've seen concerns over Worthy's hands, and while a drop or two pop up now and then, I don't think it's as big of an issue as it's made out to be...for now. Either way, Worthy has more ways to get involved, like on sweeps/reverses and as a punt returner, with 33 career returns to his name. One last thing, Worthy needs to put on weight. Zero-shot he'll make it work in the NFL at under 175 lbs.

Pick 32) Philadelphia Eagles - Terrion Arnold, CB (Alabama)

Whenever Howie Roseman emotionally gets over losing out on another Georgia Bulldog, he puts in the slip to get the next best available corner in Terrion Arnold. He does not have experience, given he's a redshirt sophomore, but that's why Philly is a great landing spot. Let him sit behind James Bradberry and Darius Slay and get snaps on a need basis. Arnold probably has a better build for an NFL corner than the last two to go off the board, which helps his cause, along with three picks and 16 PBUs in just 20 games of work. Big fan of his tackling ability as well, especially in the open field.

Mock Draft 2024 Round 2 Midseason

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