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Hot Takes for the 2024 Houston Texans

Looking ahead to the 2024 season, there are certain media trends that I agree with and some that I see as a bit off the mark regarding this year's Houston Texans outfit. Let's take a look at a few of my takes on the 2024 team, ranging from lukewarm to hot.


Kamari Lassiter will start at Outside Corner Week 1

Lassiter has been electric throughout the mini-camp and seems to be the clear choice for CB2 alongside Derek Stingley. Some still expect Jeff Okudah or even CJ Henderson to be the guy here, but unless they make some stellar improvements over the summer, I see the job going to Kamari Lassiter. I also do not necessarily think the Texans are in dire need of going after a veteran like Xavien Howard or Stephon Gilmore. I trust Lassiter and Desmond King to play sufficiently next to Stingley.

Derek Stingley Jr. will be in the Pro Bowl

I honestly consider it disrespectful that he was omitted last year while Sauce Gardner is praised by the media as one of the best corners in the NFL. Stingley’s stat line last season is eerily similar. Gardner's only real standout stat vs Stingley is his tackling, which is not a stat you want to see a corner have. Derek Stingley gave up a lower completion percentage, had a significantly lower passer rating when targeted, and had five interceptions to Sauce Gardner's goose egg. The media has yet to get on board with Derek Stingley, but he will repeatedly prove them wrong next year.

Jalen Pitre Will Have a Bounce-Back Year

The front office made it clear that they needed more out of the safety room between Ward’s injuries and Pitre’s sophomore slump. Calen Bullock, the third-rounder out of USC, is a clear competitor who is coming for the safety room. Jalen Pitre has shown he is fully capable of playing at the NFL level and excelling, and with the add, I see him reaching his former levels of play and beyond. Bullock should still be a quality contributor as a third safety option.


The Houston Texans Win the AFC South

While the Indianapolis Colts look to be a threat again this season, the Texans are ultimately the most well-rounded team in the division. Offensively, they are foolproof, with the only somewhat question marks being at the RB2 and LG positions. Defensively, there is a little more wiggle room, but the solidly filled positions are SOLID. Expect multiple Pro Bowl-caliber players on that side of the ball. 

Tank Dell Becomes the NFL's Top No. 3 Option

I honestly considered putting this in lukewarm because I don’t see this as an outrageous claim by any means. Dell was a standout rookie receiver last year and looked to be the second-best behind Puka Nacua before his injury. In the star-studded cast that Houston has assembled this year, Tank Dell will not have to worry about the better corners covering him, leaving plenty of underroutes for the young receiver to take off with.  

Nico Collins Will Still Be WR1

Diggs is an unbelievable receiver, and this take is not meant to diss him in any way. That said, Nico Collins and CJ Stroud have developed a relationship where Stroud knows he can depend on Collins. When Stroud was under pressure multiple times last season, he would throw the ball up for Collins to go make a play on. They improved throughout the year with timing and understanding each other’s play styles, and I expect them to take the next step toward being an elite QB/WR duo this year.

On Fire

The Houston Texans will win the Super Bowl

Is this a biased opinion? Absolutely. That being said, the Texans have one of the most complete rosters in the NFL. CJ Stroud is a top 5 quarterback, and Will Anderson might combine with Danielle Hunter for the most sacks of any duo. Add in Joe Mixon, Laremy Tunsil, Derek Stingley, Stefon Diggs, Nico Collins, and a number of other high-quality starters, and the Texans are starting to look scary. They will still have to beat out the Chiefs and Ravens to get to the big game, but if everyone stays on the trajectory they were on last season, and the rookies in the secondary can do their part, then Houston looks to be a tough opponent come playoffs. 

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