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How Imminent is a Jordan Love Extension?

It's not exactly a secret that Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers are trying to get an extension done, and hopefully before Training Camp starts at the end of July. Love, who is entering the last year of a one-year extension he signed last season, led the Packers to the playoffs in his first season as a starter and managed to upset the Dallas Cowboys at home before losing in the divisional round. This team that Love was at the helm of was actually the youngest in NFL history to win a playoff game or even make the playoffs at 24.1 years of age.

According to most major media outlets, Love is expected to make over 50 million dollars per year on his new deal, and it will be just a matter of time for Packer fans until they can see their quarterback of the future secured through at least the next four years. This type of deal is becoming the new normal in the NFL once you find a Quarterback because of how hard it is to come by one who is a game-changer, as Love proved to be last season. While they wait for that extension to become official in the next month, if all goes as planned, here are some recent projections.

New York Times/The Athletic - 4 years, 200 million (151.1 guaranteed)

Spotrac - 4 years, 211.8 million (50 million signing bonus)

From the newest interviews at minicamp, Love stated to local reporters that his camp and the Packers' Front Office are expected to "ramp up talks from what he has heard" between the days after minicamp to the first day of training camp on July 22nd. The Packers and Love expect an extension to be reached by the start of training camp. Looking at those projections, it is clear that if these are in any ballpark, Love will be making at least fifty million dollars per season, and he will get his well-earned payday very soon.

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