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Full 2022 NFL Season Predictions (272 Games)

The 2022 NFL season is just days away. Within 72 hours, the reigning Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams will welcome the Buffalo Bills to SoFi Stadium to open the season.

First, I will give you the final standings for each division. Next, I will break down my game of the week for weeks 1-18. Finally, I will go through the post season and lead you to my Super Bowl Champion prediction. So let’s grab some popcorn and get ready for some football.

NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys: 11-6

Philadelphia Eagles: 8-9

Washington Commanders: 3-14

New York Giants: 2-15

NFC West:

Los Angeles Rams: 12-5

San Francisco 49ers: 9-8

Arizona Cardinals: 9-8

Seattle Seahawks: 2-15

NFC North:

Green Bay Packers: 15-2

Minnesota Vikings: 11-6

Chicago Bears 7-10

Detroit Lions 5-12

NFC South:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 14-3

New Orleans Saints: 9-8

Carolina Panthers: 6-11

Atlanta Falcons 4-13

AFC East:

Buffalo Bills: 14-3

New England Patriots: 10-7

Miami Dolphins: 5-12

New York Jets: 4-13

AFC West:

Kansas City Chiefs: 14-3

Los Angeles Chargers: 12-5

Las Vegas Raiders: 9-8

Denver Broncos: 8-9

AFC North:

Baltimore Ravens: 13-4

Cincinnati Bengals: 10-7

Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-8

Cleveland Browns: 7-10

AFC South:

Tennessee Titans: 12-5

Indianapolis Colts: 7-10

Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-12

Houston Texans: 1-16

Week 1: Bills vs. Rams

The opening night game of the season has to be the game of the week. Matthew Stafford and the Rams will host Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills

Week 2: Packers vs. Bears

The most iconic rivalry in football, on Sunday Night Football? Sign me up. Justin Fields has his chance to make his mark against the NFL’s two-time reigning MVP, Aaron Rodgers.

Week 3: Tampa Bay vs. Green Bay

The Packers have not fared well against Tom Brady and company the last few seasons. In order for Rodgers to make another Super Bowl run, he will need to go through the Bucs early and later in the season.

Week 4: Chiefs vs. Bucs

A recent Super Bowl rematch is always something to watch out for. Watching Mahomes vs. Brady makes the entertainment even better for NFL fans.

Week 5: Bills vs. Steelers

With the Steelers searching for answers at quarterback, this is an early season test for Mike Tomlin and Pittsburgh. Josh Allen and the Bills will do their best to make sure their conference rival has no confidence after their Week 5 meeting.

Week 6: Chargers vs. Broncos

Justin Herbert vs. Russell Wilson provides one of the best QB matchups early in the year. With incredible divisional implications on the line, this game is not only important to watch, but important for both teams.

Week 7: Titans vs. Colts

Fantasy football managers are salivating at the running backs in this game. Derrick Henry and Jonathan Taylor are two of the best running backs in the NFL, and fantasy players are hoping for a run-heavy football game for sure.

Week 8: 49ers vs. Rams

With more divisional focus here, Trey Lance and the 49ers will have one of their most important chances to show the NFL that they can compete with the reigning champs. The Rams defense may be fast, but they will have to stop an emerging Lance in Week 8.

Week 9: Patriots vs. Colts

For years, Patriots vs. Colts was one of the best matchups every single year. While Matt Ryan and Mac Jones are no Manning and Brady, the two teams are still contenders in the AFC. While both teams are more wild card contenders than division winners, this game still will have important playoff implications come December.

Week 10: Broncos vs. Titans

With a few weeks in Denver under his belt, Wilson will have to go through the experienced Tennessee team to make his way towards the playoffs. Mike Vrabel always has his squad ready, and Derrick Henry will do his best to keep the ball out of Wilson’s hands in this marquee AFC matchup.

Week 11: Raiders vs. Broncos

The AFC West has two new additions in Wilson and Davante Adams. Neither team will be able to keep up with the Chiefs, but the battle for a Wild Card spot will be thick in Week 11 here.

Week 12: Chargers vs. Cardinals

When two of the best young quarterbacks in the NFL face off, you need to turn on the TV. Hopefully there isn’t a new COD map coming out this weekend, because we need Kyler Murray to be on his best game against Justin Herbert and the Chargers in Week 12.

Week 13: Dolphins vs. 49ers

Mike McDaniel plays his first game against his former team. Kyle Shanahan does not like losing, and he will do everything he can to elevate Lance and the 49ers above Miami in November.

Week 14: Patriots vs. Cardinals

Both of these teams will be fighting for a playoff spot late in the season. There are some documented concerns for both teams and their offenses, which means a late year playoff atmosphere will be even more important for both clubs.

Week 15: Steelers vs. Panthers

Both teams are working through competitions at the QB position. With neither squad particularly fighting for playoff contention, it will still be important to see where the future of the position may lie for both franchises following the 2022 season.

Week 16: Cowboys vs. Eagles

This NFC East rivalry is a classic. The Eagles won’t necessarily be fighting for the division, but the City of Brotherly Love always cherishes a chance to beat down on the Cowboys, especially when playoff seeding is on the line.

Week 17: Bills vs. Bengals

Burrow vs Allen? Say no more.

Week 18: Titans vs. Jaguars

Many teams have “just” had to beat the Jaguars in the last week to make the playoffs. Let’s just hope the Titans are safe by then…

Playoff Seeding:

American Football Conference:

1. KC

2. BUF

3. BAL

4. TEN

5. LAC

6. CIN

7. NE

National Football Conference:

1. GB

2. TB

3. LAR

4. DAL

5. MIN

6. SF

7. AZ

Wild Card Round Predictions


Cardinals at Bucs

49ers at Rams

Vikings at Cowboys


Patriots at Bills

Bengals at Ravens

Chargers at Titans

Divisional Round Predictions


Cowboys at Packers

Rams at Bucs


Chargers at Bills

Bengals at Chiefs

Championship Round Predictions


Rams at Packers


Bills at Chiefs

Super Bowl Prediction

Super Bowl LVI: Chiefs vs. Packers

Champion: Kansas City Chiefs

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