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Can Tony Pollard Excel As A Wide Receiver?

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

For far too long Tony Pollard has been so badly underutilized by the Dallas Cowboys. Quite frankly, as a result, it's safe to say he's been badly underappreciated. The situation is unacceptable and Pollard deserves better. He has worked hard. He's paid his dues. Most of all, he's earned his respect.

Last month, it was reported that Pollard was told that there are plans to give him a larger offensive role for the 2022 season. It was after last season when he was supposedly told that. But hasn't Pollard been told this before? Didn't the Cowboys tell him that after his rookie year in 2019? Didn't they also tell him that after their disastrous 2020 season? If so, then Dallas better execute.

Pollard has apparently been taking wide receiver reps lately. In Pollard's case, the WR position is not new to him as he played that position in college at Memphis. He excelled at it during his college days, so he can certainly do it at the professional level.

The Cowboys should consider themselves blessed since Pollard is able to impress as a dual-threat offensive player. In addition, Pollard excels as a kickoff return specialist. That kickoff return for a touchdown from last Thanksgiving can't be overlooked. And Dallas shouldn't blow off the fact that Pollard returned seven kickoffs for a touchdown in college. Pollard has done more than prove himself at this point. He's capable of handling a heavy workload.

Pollard is in a contract year. If Dallas decides to once again hold him back and not give him his well-earned playing opportunities, then Pollard signing elsewhere would be a no-brainer. Pollard impresses a whole lot more than disappoints. It's time for Dallas to take full advantage.

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