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Browns win 33-31 stunner vs. Ravens

On Sunday, the Cleveland Browns faced off against the Baltimore Ravens, and defeated Baltimore 33-31 in a stunning win. Despite being down 24-3 at halftime, the Browns looked and acted like a cohesive and confident unit. All of the players contributed to this remarkable victory, but quarterback Deshaun Watson deserves much of the credit for stepping up and leading the team to victory.

It was great to see how the team reacted, and Deshaun Watson scoring 14 points in the second half after a bad first half was absolutely f'ing amazing. Watson also scored a very important touchdown on a run of 18 yards with 1:23 left in the game. This set up Greg Joseph's game-winning field goal.

Watson did everything he could, completing 20 passes and posting his second best QBR of the season. Watson's decision to tough it out gave his team a boost, and they were able to pull it off because he ran for 37 yards as well. Watson led the Browns to 24 unanswered points in the second half after falling behind 24 points in the first. Kareem Hunt was the reason he was brought back. If they can limit penalties and play well for 60 minutes, this Browns team will be challenging to beat.

The Ravens didn't pay enough attention to the Browns and couldn't stop Watson and the Browns' attack. The Ravens led for 59:20 of this football game. Quarterback Lamar Jackson had a horrible day, becoming unsteady and making bad reads, and the running game was not there Besides fumbling once, he threw two picks. Three sacks and four hits by the Browns defense limited Jackson to 140 passing yards and no touchdowns. The Ravens suffered their first loss of the season, dropping to 7-3 on the season and dropping closer to a climbing AFC North division.

The Browns defense was fantastic, which will be key in the AFC North will be a roller coaster to the regular-season climax. Now that the Browns have beaten the best two teams in the AFC, this is without a doubt the most exciting game of the year for the fans. The Cleveland Browns can host a playoff game in January if they don't goof up.

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