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Why LeBron's Record Doubles as a Comedy

Last night LeBron James surpassed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s all time leading scorer. It is one of the greatest individual achievements one can earn in all of basketball, and watching it live was a moment I will never forget as a sports fan.

It was also one of the most hilarious nights of sports television I have ever seen.

For starters, Kareem basically looked like he would have rather been literally anywhere else in the entire world, and I think the camera crew caught on to this and were going with a zoomed in shot of him looking incredibly bored after ever single shot as LeBron inched closer and closer to breaking his record that many had believed was untouchable.

Not only this, but he also looked absolutely torchured when he went out on the court to celebrate with LeBron and “pass the torch” to the leagues newest all time leading scorer.

"Alright Adam, can I go back to my seat now".

Another absolutely golden moment was the possession that LeBron actually scored his record sealing basket. At first it was because, as LeBron began to take possession in the high post, it totally looked like he was going to try and pull off a skyhook, which may have resulted in Kareem suiting up for the Thunder and taking his record back.

But as we all watched the replay of his record breaking fadeaway, I noticed something even funnier than I could have hoped for. Please take a look at Thomas Bryant down low.

I think every single person in the entire arena wanted LeBron to take this shot, except for Bryant, who probably thought he had an easy 2 with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander on him. Him calling for it like he's Shaq down low makes this picture an absolute all-timer.

I know this is low hanging fruit, but I have to talk about LeBron dropping an F-bomb on national television during his speech.

I wonder if he got fined for this? Or if TNT gave him a pass for it given the circumstances. Gotta think there's at least a few angry Moms posting on Facebook about them not censoring it.

Then, of course, there was Pat Bev being the automatic content that he is, whether it be good or bad. Here's his angle of LeBron right after breaking the record, after he hilariously brought his phone out on the court.

Shoot, it looks like I posted the wrong tweet. I totally did not mean to do that. I am a massive Patrick Beverly fan and would never post his failures on purpose, as this was definitely an accident. Here's the clip I meant to post:

All jokes aside though, this was a truly legendary night for LeBron, and it's a record that I'm not sure will ever be broken given his consistency, health, longevity, and obviously his ability. This is a moment that I'm very glad I was able to witness live, and it's one that will live forever.

"Fuck man, thank you guys".

Cover Image via Getty Images


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