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What's at stake for Dallas this week?

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

This is an important week for the Dallas Cowboys. The team is 12-4 and this week they take on the Washington Commanders on the road. Dallas can possibly be crowned NFC East champions for the second consecutive season.

If Philadelphia loses to the New York Giants and if Dallas beats Washington, the NFC East title will belong to Dallas. From the looks of it, Jalen Hurts is set to be under center for Philadelphia this week, so the Eagles are likely to clinch the division. If Philadelphia loses and Dallas wins, the Eagles could lose their spot as the number 1 seed if San Francisco beats Arizona.

At the moment, there's some quarterback controversy with the Washington Commanders. However, the Cowboys have their own concerns regarding their quarterback, Dak Prescott. Prescott's had issues in the past several weeks with interceptions. Prescott's 14 interceptions this season so far are a career-high. In addition, Prescott's threw eight interceptions in December. With the playoffs around the corner, Prescott's interception habit is a major cause for concern for him and the team.

There are two things at stake for Dallas this week; the NFC East title and a higher NFC seed spot. So it's an important week for Dallas, which means there's absolutely no room for error. Dallas can't afford sloppy play and careless errors. It's time for Dallas to get serious and play sublime football.

Clearly, with the chance of winning their second consecutive NFC East title on Sunday, the starters will be on the field against Washington. Dallas needs a strong win to close out the season on a good note. If Dallas wins, they'll finish with 13 wins for the first time since 2016.


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