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What happened to hating your rivals?

This Sunday, the entire world will watch as the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles battle for NFL superiority, and speaking as an objective sports fan, this should be a great game.

However, as a New York Giants fan, this game will absolute torcher for me. The fact that I am being forced by the football gods to either watch the Eagles or Kadarius Toney win a Super Bowl is absolutely awful for my viewing pleasure.

But for me, this is an easy choice. 1000/1000 times, I will be cheering for the Chiefs. I absolutely hate the Eagles, and no player will ever change me rooting against them. But apparently, to my surprise, this is not only not common among fellow Giants fans, but also among NFC East players.

Just look at this:

Micah, what the hell are you saying brother? I guess I didn't realize NFL players now root for divisional rivals to go win Super Bowls??

And now, every time I log on twitter, I see Giants fans saying they would rather see the Eagles win one than see Kadarius Toney win one.

I really just do not understand this. I would literally rather see 31 other NFL teams win a Super Bowl than to watch the Eagles win one. The Eagles are the Giants most mortal enemy on the field, and the hatred has only grown after they manhandled the Giants in the playoffs.

And now, since the playoff game, the Eagles can not keep the Giants off of their minds. They are about to play in the biggest game of their life, and they've got Chauncey Gardner-Johnson and Brandon Graham talking shit about Giants safety Julian Love because he hurt their feelings.

Maybe I'm just a bitter fan who watched my team get their shit rocked in a game I was a little bit too confident for.

Or maybe I just fucking hate the Eagles.

But either way, I guess I just miss when inter-divisional rivals used to hate each other. I mean shoot, even 10 years ago it felt that way. It even appears that former Giants QB Eli Manning still has serious disdain towards the Eagles, and knows they feel the same way about him.

Giants fans, can we all collectively forgive Kadarius Toney for being a loser just for the next few days please? We owe it to ourselves to collectively go against the city of Philadelphia and make sure the fly home sad Sunday night. Speaking for myself, I know if I have to see them celebrating a bowl, I might have to throw away my phone and tv.

Cover Image via Sports Illustrated on Twitter

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