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(Way) Too Early Bears Predictions

90 days.

90 days until we see the rebuilt, refurbished version of Justin Fields run onto the grass at Soldier Field. With the new coaching staff came Luke Getsy from Green Bay to maximize Fields' potential. So far, everything we have heard from coaches and players alike have been positive.

"His leadership has taken a step, and that comes from being more comfortable." said Cody Whitehair, who has played with nine, yes nine, quarterbacks in his six years playing in Chicago.

Every team in the NFL right now is optimistic and has Super Bowl aspirations, unless you are the Texans whom FanDuel has +30000 to win, but it happens every NFL offseason. Experts in Las Vegas though are not sharing the same optimism for the beloved Chicago Bears and Justin Fields for the 2022 season.

The Chicago Bears are currently sitting at +950 to win the NFC North. That is correct Bear fans, FanDuel has the Detroit Lions with a better shot at winning the NFC North at +850. Let that sink in... I won't upset you more with odds but I will leave it at this, the Bears are +10000 to win the Super Bowl.

As Kevin McCallister said in Home Alone (yup, showing my age) when looking at Buzz's crush... "woof".

The Bears heavily depend on Fields' development for their success this upcoming year and beyond. Sounds like we have heard this before Bears fans. But the experts in Vegas and at the big sports conglomerates can't be all right... can they?

Week 1 vs San Francisco 49ers

Uh, oh. The 49ers were in or near the top five in every major team defensive category in 2021. With Bosa and Armstead anchoring that line, it's hard to see the Bears getting any gold in this one.

49ers - 24

Bears - 17

Week 2 @ Green Bay Packers

As much as I want to use the narrative that Green Bay has so many question marks offensively at receiver, there are much more questions on the Bears side. Plus, Green Bay still has future Hall of Famer and partial owner of the Bears quarterbacking their team. WHY DOES THE NFL CONTINUE TO PUT THIS ON NATIONAL TV?!

Bears - 14

Packers - 27

Week 3 vs Houston Texans


Texans - 10

Bears - 27

Week 4 @ New York Giants

We, Bears fans, think the state of our historic franchise is in disarray, imagine being in New York. I remain a huge fan or Saquan Barkley's but the lack of production from the quarterback position is hurting his numbers because teams can stack the line and play the run. Remember, they had Mike Glennon starting last year... enough said.

Bears - 20

Giants - 17

Week 5 @ Minnesota Vikings

I cannot stand that Vikings horn in Minnesota. Just about as much as Vikings fans could not stand Zimmer.

Bears - 21

Vikings - 24

Week 6 vs Washington Commanders

The Washington football team comes into Chicago to a thirsty Bears crowd as this is the first time the Bears have been home since September 25th. Bears quench their fans' thirsts.

Commanders - 21

Bears - 24

Week 7 @ New England Patriots

Call me a bit of a doubter but I am not a Mac Jones believer. He is more of a game manager than breaker. I am a Bill Belichick believer though!

Bears - 10

New England Belichicks - 17

Week 8 @ Dallas Cowboys

How can a team continuously have so much talent but always disappoint? Dallas is no longer "America's Team." That title belongs to any team Tom Brady is on...

McCarthy is out after this year and the Bears scare the Cowboys the night before Halloween riding the arm of Justin Fields to victory.

Bears - 24

Cowboys - 10

Week 9 vs Miami Dolphins

Bears new GM, Ryan Poles, wants newly drafted wide receiver, Velus Jones Jr to be a speed/gadget guy. Well, the original will be on full display when Tyreek Hill and the Dolphins come to Chicago.

Dolphins - 24 (2 TDs by Hill)

Bears - 20

Week 10 vs Detroit Lions

I really think things are looking up for the Detroit franchise. As much criticism as Dan Campbell gets for being a "rah rah" guy, his players seem to like playing for him and respect him. Is there enough talent on this roster to keep this team out of the NFC North basement?

Lions - 13

Bears - 24

....... no.

Week 11 @ Atlanta Falcons

No more Matt Ryan as Marcus Mariota takes over. At this point of the season, has Desmond Ridder taken over for Mariota? Also, why have so many Bears from previous losing seasons landed here (including former GM, Ryan Pace)?

Bears - 20

Atlanta - 10

Week 12 @ New York Jets

Count me as someone who thinks the Jets won the 2022 NFL Draft. Breece Hall isn't a rookie anymore after passing the halfway point in the season as he is running more like his cousin Roger Craig... Maybe better?

Bears - 17

Jets... Excuse me... J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS - 20

Week 13 vs Green Bay Packers

Packers come into Chicago atop the NFC North barring any injuries. Fields starts to acquire ownership of the Bears but it's not enough....... yet.

Packers - 27

Bears - 24

Week 14 - Bye

Week 15 vs Eagles

At +210 to win the NFC East, the Eagles could make Philly fans smile again OR throw snowballs. I think they hold off on the latter this week.

Eagles - 23

Bears - 17

Week 16 vs Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a team that I would like to see the Chicago Bears turn into. Franchise quarterback finally, great defense, and solid run game. Look away Bears fans!! Billsmafia watches the Bears get put through a table right before Christmas.

Bills - 31

Bears - 17

Week 17 @ Detroit Lions

Jared Goff has had his share of naysayers during his career but in my book he has garnered himself the title game manager. He keeps the boat steady and that is what he does here with D'Andre Swift making plays down the stretch.

Bears - 20

Lions - 21

Week 18 vs Minnesota Vikings

It has not gone the way we would like Bears fans but Fields has shown more consistency in his sophomore campaign. Vikings come into this one for a birth in the Wild Card weekend and the Bears play spoiler.

Vikings - 17

Bears - 27

Overall, the season has shown that we have ourselves a quarterback in Fields and a coach who knows how to maximize his abilities with Getsy. Chicago has a roster that Ryan Poles put together which is slightly younger than 2021's (average age of 27 was 32nd in the NFL) and will absolutely improve. However, the reality is that we, as fans, will be waiting for one more year until the word contention of any kind can be a point of conversation shared at your local watering hole.

Can that be sped up by Fields and moves before the season? Of course it can! However, I like to get overly excited when the schedule comes out and create a way too soon game by game season prediction.

What else do I have to do in early June but be wrong about my "expert" picks?

Until next time.

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