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Vegas Bound? Why the Oakland A's NEED to Change Their Name Now!

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Looks like it's going to happen; the Oakland Athletics will be moving to Las Vegas. Last week, it was announced that the A's bought land in Las Vegas with plans to build a 35,000-seat ballpark worth $1.5 billion near the Las Vegas strip.

The A's find themselves as the league's worst team with the lowest payroll in the league that's in the $60 million range. The club has been in Oakland since 1968, having moved from Kansas City after being in Philadelphia from 1901 to 1954. Despite the many years of disappointment, the team did reach the World Series six times, winning it four times. The A's could very well be the third team since the 1970's to officially relocate. In 1972, the Washington Senators moved to Texas and became the Texas Rangers. In 2004, the Montreal Expos relocated to the Washington D.C. and became the Nationals.

Honestly, the team should perhaps consider a name change. Yes, they've used the name since 1901, but a name change couldn't hurt. The Las Vegas Athletics doesn't sound very cool and it doesn't necessarily fit the Vegas lifestyle and environment. It seems the organization is planning to keep the name, but at the end of the day, perhaps a new home comes a new identity? Just a thought.

Here a ten names that come to mind:

  1. Las Vegas Martians (Sounds better than Las Vegas Aliens)

  2. Las Vegas 51ers (A reference to Area 51)

  3. Las Vegas Spades (Aces is already taken)

  4. Las Vegas Suits (Reference to the four suits in a deck of cards)

  5. Las Vegas Jackpots

  6. Las Vegas ETs (Short for Extraterrestrials)

  7. Las Vegas UFOs (Okay, now the Alien personality is kicking in big time)

  8. Las Vegas Sinners (It is the city of Sin, so why not?)

  9. Las Vegas High Rollers (Maybe way too stereotypical, but definitely realistic)

  10. Las Vegas Dealers

The A's organization is hoping to start playing in Las Vegas in 2027. Oakland's lease at the Coliseum is through until the end of the 2024 season. Provided the team relocates sooner, they could play their home games at the same park where their Triple A affiliate team plays.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred has expressed his sorrow for A's fans in Oakland. He insists that the move is in the best interest as far as the organization's future goes. Quite frankly, a fresh start in a new home may be the best thing for the team at this point.

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