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UCL: Dramatic VAR Intervention Rescues PSG - AC Milan Is Still Alive

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Newcastle United came within seconds of pulling off a massive win on the road against Paris Saint-Germain. But when PSG was awarded a controversial penalty due to an alleged handball, football fans on social media caused quite an uproar as they expressed their disdain for the decision and the Video Assistant Referee. PSG converted and secured a 1-1 draw, while AC Milan suffered a 3-1 loss at home to Borussia Dortmund. Despite being at the bottom of the group, Milan is still in it, primarily due to the result of the PSG-Newcastle game.

The 1-1 draw hurts Newcastle deeply, but quite frankly, it makes PSG look terrible. In PSG's case, it's awful that they had to rely on a controversial penalty to keep their hopes in the UCL alive. With PSG's triple-threat offensive attack, they should have been winning comfortably by the time the game reached its end. At this point, they're solidified as not being a favorite to win it all, and they can't be taken seriously. As far as Milan goes, they may not be dead and buried yet, but it may very well happen on the road in their final group game next month against Newcastle.

PSG will play their final group game on the road against Dortmund next month. Les Parisiens cannot settle for anything but three points. In other words, they have to win. If they lose and Newcastle or Milan win, Les Parisiens will be out of the UCL. The only way a loss can secure a spot in the UCL Round of 16 for PSG is if the game between Newcastle and Milan ends in a draw, and if Les Parisiens advance under those circumstances, their inability to be taken seriously will be fully solidified.

Realistically, it's very likely all over for Milan. As mentioned earlier, if Milan is not out of contention now, it'll probably happen next month. Based on what happened to Newcastle against PSG, the Magpies have a chip on their shoulder, and they intend to prove that what happened in Paris was a fluke. Newcastle needs a win against Milan. If the Magpies win and PSG loses, they'll easily secure a spot in the UCL knockouts. A loss to Milan will result in Newcastle finishing at the bottom of the group. If Newcastle fails to get the win and settles for a draw, they'll be relegated to the Europa League competition.

Miraculously, if Milan beats Newcastle and PSG loses to Dortmund, Milan will qualify for the round of 16 and Les Parisiens will end up in the Europa League. With Dortmund already securing qualification for the UCL knockouts, second place is up for grabs.


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