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Top 5 Free Agents the Houston Texans Need to Re-sign

Mansfield Owsley | March 2, 2024

The following players are currently entering free agency, but I see no reason to end their tenure in Houston. A few names were notably left off the list, including Denzel Perryman, Steven Nelson, and Devin Singletary. I see Perryman and Singletary as serviceable players, but I see the Texans either bringing in a star through free agency or drafting another player at their positions. I honestly believe Houston needs an upgrade to the corner room, and it will involve letting Steven Nelson go. Below are the players Houston needs to bring back for next season. 

Dalton Schultz (TE)

Schultz was a solid receiver for the Texans and often filled the role as a safety blanket for rookie CJ Stroud. While he didn’t finish with an absurdly high number of receiving yards, Schultz had many clutch catches on 3rd and 4th downs or whenever the team needed them most. He was also a solid endzone threat, and this past year, he hauled in the same number of touchdowns as notable tight ends, such as Travis Kelce and TJ Hockenson. As the Texans look to improve their receiving corps, letting Dalton Schultz go would be a mistake. 

Blake Cashman (LB)

The Houston Texans managed to snag Cashman from the Jets for only a 6th-round pick, and he has played far better than a 6th-rounder. Since joining the franchise, Blake Cashman has had his best seasons in tackles, sacks, interceptions, pass deflections, and tackles for loss. He is the heart of the Houston Texans' defense, and I can confidently say he is the most important free agent to bring back onto the roster. 

Ka’imi Fairbairn (K)

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and John Christian Ka’iminoeauloameka’ikeokekumupa’a Fairbairn (yes, I just wanted an excuse to type it out) is certainly not broken. Fairbairn was tied for the highest field goal percentage in the NFL at 96% (no, we are not counting Dare Ogunbowale being 1/1), and his only miss was over 50 yards. While he missed one extra point this season, he is still one of the best kickers in the NFL, and if he is replaced, it will undoubtedly be a downgrade. 

Cameron Johnston (P)

The reasoning here is very similar to why Houston should re-sign Fairbairn. Johnston has been great. He averages around 50 yards a punt, but it is far more impressive that nearly half of his 66 punts pinned teams within the 20-yard. Other than not being able to serve as a backup kicker (due to his Australian Football background), you can’t ask for a better kicker than Cameron Johnston. He should be brought back.  

Jonathan Greenard (DE)

I flipped back and forth on whether the Texans should try to get a higher-graded edge rusher or go back to Greenard. Names like Josh Allen, Chase Young, or even a trade for Khalil Mack bounced around in my head, but I ultimately like the return of Jonathan Greenard. I believe that Greenard and Anderson complement each other well, and the more they shared the field, the better both of their play got. I personally believe Will Anderson’s improved pass-rushing numbers were thanks to Greenard and him sharing the field. As this combination of rushers continues to improve, so does the Texans' defense. 

(Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)


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