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Top 3 Players the Carolina Panthers Should Target This Off-season

For the Carolina Panthers, the end of the season is here (their off-season starts in December). The Panthers need more than just offensive-line help. They also need to get Quarterback Bryce Young, some wide receivers who are not Walmart employees, and Adam Thielen. Here are Three Free Agents that Dan Morgan and the Carolina Panthers should target this off-season. 

#1 WR, Mike Evans

The Top Free Agent that the Carolina Panthers should target this off-season is current Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans. Mike Evans has had a 1,000+ season every year he has been in the league (he’s been in the league since 2014). Last season, he had 1,255 yards with 13 touchdowns. Evans already has a connection with head coach Dave Canales and offensive coordinator Brad Idzik (Canales was the offensive coordinator, and Idzik was the wide receivers coach in Tampa). 

#2 WR, Tee Higgins

Another Top Free Agent Wide Receiver is Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. Higgins went to college in South Carolina. When the Bengals went on their deep playoff runs in 2021 and 2022, Higgins had 1091 (in 2021) and 1029 (in 2022); Tee also had a combined 13 touchdowns in those two years. Higgins would be another solid number two option (like Thielen) for Bryce if Carolina brought in Mike Evans. 

#3 G, Robert Hunt 

A huge need for Carolina is on the offensive line, especially at the Guard position (really anywhere on the line. We can’t have McDonald’s employees on that line again this season). Hunt would come at a relatively keep rate. He’d be a solid, stable guard on an offensive line that desperately needs stability. 

Carolina has the upcoming draft where they can get wide receivers, tight ends, and offensive-line help. However, Carolina does not have a lot of draft selections. 

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