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Top 10 Things You Could Buy With The $78 Million Jimbo Fisher Was Paid To Go Away From Texas A&M.

  1. A mansion in Beverly Hills, California.

  2. Approximately 987 2023 Tesla, Model Xs.

  3. 39 of the Cirrus Vision Jet, the cheapest private jet you can buy.

  4. 1,083,333 12 oz. filet mignons from St. Elmo's Steakhouse.

  5. 2 Minor League Baseball Teams (Name them the Fishers, obviously).

  6. Approximately 5.7 Billion Diamond brand natural wooden bamboo, round toothpicks.

  7. 26 million Covid-19 Vaccine dosages (make Aaron Rodgers take them all!)

  8. 260,000,000 gallons of gasoline if you were living in 1956.

  9. 917.6 million Bic pens for all the checks to Jimbo Fisher you would have to write if you were Texas A&M University.

  10. 0 seasons with 10 wins or more at Texas A&M University.

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