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Three Manifested Off-season Upgrades for Carolina Panthers Fans

The 2023 NFL Season was a disaster for the Carolina Panthers (much like all the other years since David Tepper bought the team). There is a popular thing sports fans do called manifesting. We will manifest a good off-season, hopefully equal a good season. Here are Three Things Carolina Panthers Fans will be Manifesting this Off-season.

#1: We need a WR 

An important need for the Panthers is a Wide Receiver. There are plenty of WRs that will be free agents (for example, Mike Evans and Tee Higgins). Evans is familiar with the Panthers' offense staff because they acquired their rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers staff during this off-season. Even if Carolina does not sign a free agent they can still draft a WR like Ladd McConkey from Georgia (they can draft him in the second round at pick 33). 

#2: Operation Save Bryce 

 Bryce Young’s rookie year was an experience (from the stories online and coaching changes). Young had the hardest rookie year of a quarterback from his draft class. Houston Texans QB C.J Stroud (who was taken a pick after Young) had a historic rookie year, Stroud had two things Bryce did not have a stable offensive coaching staff and good offensive weapons (for example, Tank Dell). 

#3: No David Tepper Interference 

It has also been reported that Dave Canales and Dan Morgan will report more directly to Tepper. Nonetheless, we are gathered here today to manifest no David Tepper's interference.

His interference is the reason why, we as fans had to experience the Matt Rhule era plus, why our drafting has not been good compared to other franchises (The Kansas City Chiefs). During Dave Canales’ press conference, Tepper seemed to be stepping back and letting the personnel he hired and doing their jobs. That freedom of the owner not interfering in personal affairs has been missing in the Tepper era (who bought the team after the first owner Jerry Richardson was forced to sell the team). 

Unfortunately, Panthers fans' expectations are lower than they have ever been. We do not ask for a lot, we just ask that the Carolina Panthers be watchable or at least better than a Junior-Varsity football team.

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