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Three Important Notes from Giants Training Camp

Giants fans, rejoice! As I type this, we are approximately two days from the Giants' return to action in their preseason matchup against the rising Detroit Lions. After a highly eventful offseason for Big Blue, all of the roster changes/solidifications that Joe Schoen has made in the past few months will be coming to fruition. Here are three notes to consider from camp so far that may have a massive impact on this upcoming season:

1. Darren Waller is Unguardable.

It has been a long time since the Giants have had a solidified star at the receiver or tight end position, and this offseason, Joe Schoen made sure to address it in grand fashion by trading for the former pro bowler. According to basically everyone who attended camp, Waller looked like a force to be reckoned with in the passing game, finally giving Daniel Jones that surefire number-one option he has needed for the past four seasons.

I mean, when's the last time a Giant could do THIS?

This is the kind of weapon that can completely revolutionize this offense. If Waller can stay healthy, which has been a question mark the past few years, I fully expect this offense to take a massive step forward.

2. Daniel Jones Looks Like He's Worth the Money.

After a rough practice against the Lions on Tuesday, much of social media was ready to attack the freshly re-signed Quarterback who is looking to prove his spot as a franchise quarterback for a franchise that committed 40 million dollars a year to him this past offseason. But other than Tuesday, Jones has looked amazing by all accounts this offseason.

This peaked on Wednesday, when Jones made up for his lack of success on Tuesday with a stellar performance, shredding the Lions' defense apart for five touchdowns in practice, spreading the wealth all across the field. Just look at this throw and tell me he doesn't look like a franchise QB.

It's laughable to me that, after being dragged through the mud after Tuesday, I have seen next to nothing from the national media about Jones' superb performance on Wednesday.

As a Daniel Jones mega-supporter, this is my time to push my narrative. This dude is going to be SPECIAL this season.

Whether it be the work he put in this past offseason or the added confidence from the Giants extending him, he looks like a new man in the pocket, and it seems like he is going to build upon the remarkable way that he finished last season in a big way.

3. This is Going to Go Down As an INCREDIBLE Draft Class.

The hype around this Giants draft class has been, to say the least, immense. After landing three players (Deonte Banks, John Michael-Schmitz, and Jalin Hyatt) that were mocked to them in the first round, we, as fans, are rightfully excited. However, all of this hype has begun to grow even more significant, especially with the emergence of Tre Hawkins to begin camp. Hawkins has come out of nowhere and is someone to look at as a potential starter by the end of the season.

While garnering a lot of pre-camp hype, Jalin Hyatt has even exceeded his hype, looking like a potential star with his top-of-the-defense level speed. Banks and Schmitz have looked like super solid players, even at positions with a difficult learning curve. This class is the kind of class that helps build a foundation for sustainable success.

This offseason was the most hyped that I can remember for the Giants since their championship days in the early 2010s. With the extension of Daniel Jones, the contract disputes and resolution with Saquon Barkley, the Waller trade, and the exciting draft mixed with the fact that they are coming off of their first playoff win since Super Bowl 46, the hype on Sunday night of opening weekend against the Cowboys is going to be immense. Simply put, the Giants have no excuses not to make the playoffs again, especially with the developments mentioned above from training camp. LET'S GO, GMEN!

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