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This NFL Offseason Will Be CRAZY!

I love the Free Agency frenzy! It's almost as good as week one of football season. Sure, I'm a nerd, but I love the wheelin' and dealin'. Who will sign who? Who is going to lose who? A team can only afford one superstar when two are up for a contract. Who are they choosin'?

Thankfully, the salary cap was higher than projected. Most "experts" predicted the salary cap would be around 245 million, but it was 255 million. AWESOME! THANKS TAYLOR SWIFT! PEOPLE ABOUT TO GET PAID!

The potentially available running backs list is insane. Derrick Henry, Josh Jacobs, Austin Ekeler, and Saquon Barkley, to name a few. I mean, Ezekiel Elliot is like the tenth-best RB available. You put a cheat code on Madden and do not have a list of running backs that is as good. I hope they get paid better than running backs have in recent years. Teams should pay running backs top as much as WR but keep the years lower because of the higher probability of injury. Regardless, many good running backs will be on different teams in 2024.

Then there's all the news of big draft prospects not doing the drills at the combine. That isn't unusual, but now the potential number one overall refuses a physical—just a medical examination. Now, there's speculation that he wants a ridiculous rookie contract.

The players that have been cut have been surprising. Buffalo cut half the team and then signed a backup QB who's not very good. Seattle cut both Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs. Adams made sense, but Diggs was a shock.

Denver released Russell Wilson. I was wrong about this cut. I never thought in a million years a team would take on an 85 MILLION DOLLAR DEAD CAP HIT! HOLY MESS! That is the most dead cap for one player in the history of the NFL. The previous record was 40 million, which the Atlanta Falcons took on when they traded Matt Ryan a few years ago. Denver has experienced the fallout already by cutting Justin Simmons for the cap. Russell and Sean must've hated each other for not trying to make that work. Sean Payton is a genius or downright crazy. Time will tell.

All of this, and technically, the new season doesn't start for another five days. I can't wait for the frenzy.

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