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The New York Jets Need to Find Their Quarterback

With Aaron Rodgers still out with an injury, the New York Jets are in a messy situation regarding their quarterback. On Saturday, Jets head coach Robert Saleh announced that Tim Boyle would stay the starter for the Jets' next game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Boyle became the starter for the Jets game against the Miami Dolphins on Black Friday after Zach Wilson was benched earlier this week. In Friday’s loss to the Dolphins, he completed 27 of 38 passes for 179 yards, had one touchdown, and two interceptions.

“Yes, we're giving Timmy another shot to roll next week," Saleh said. There are things that he could have done better, there are things that he had no control over, and I know he battled out there," Saleh said. "We were able to get to certain calls that we were hoping to do. We were able to execute a lot of the different things that we wanted to execute; it just didn't come to full fruition."

Saleh wouldn’t say what the depth chart at quarterback is. However, Trevor Siemian is currently the backup, and Wilson is the number three quarterback. The Jets need to figure out who their quarterback is. Yes, I know that Rodgers is their quarterback. What I mean is they need to figure out who will be Rodger's backup when he returns.

Boyle’s numbers from Friday’s game weren’t impressive, but we can’t write him off yet. If Boyle improves, he could be the Jets starter until Rodgers returns and be Rodger's backup. But if he struggles, then he won't be quarterback number one anymore.

Siemian has a career record of 13-17 with 42 touchdowns and 28 interceptions. However, he has been a backup since the Denver Broncos released him. He would have to play before we can say that he should be the backup quarterback.

Wilson was the quarterback after Rodgers got hurt until he got benched. He has struggled, completing less than 60 percent of his passes, throwing for just six touchdowns, throwing seven interceptions, and lost five fumbles. Wilson ranks 30th in Total QBR(30.8), 32nd in completion percentage (59.2), and 30th in yards per attempt (6.1). He needs to improve if he wants to play.

"I don't think I was scapegoated. Absolutely not," Wilson told ESPN’s Rich Cimini. "You've got to look at the situation. We're not scoring touchdowns. Regardless of what I'm doing, my job as a quarterback is to help us score points. I can say I've had a lot of growth and tremendous whatever this year, but it doesn't matter if you're not scoring touchdowns; it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. And I get that."

Rodgers is back with the team and still rehabbing his injury. He wants to be practicing in early December and is targeting the December 24 game against the Washington Commanders for his return.

“He's in the building,“ Saleh said. “When we get a doctor's note that says he's clear, he'll be cleared for practice then.”

If Rodgers does get cleared, then he will probably return this season. Whether or not Rodgers returns this season, Boyle and Wilson will be competing for the backup position. Even though Siemian is currently the backup, he won’t play unless Boyle gets hurt and won’t be the backup in the long term.

Right now, Boyle wins the backup spot over Wilson since Boyle hasn’t been as bad as Wilson has. Boyle should be the backup when Rodgers returns. Should Rodgers retire, get traded, or leave the team, then Boyle should be their quarterback.

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