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The MVP Snub: Why Cowboys' Dak Prescott Still Has Something to Prove

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

All season Dak Prescott has been in the NFL MVP picture. Many insist that he's not MVP material while a minority strongly argue that he is. Prescott and the Cowboys won 12 games this season for the third straight time. However, they've not been able to reach the NFC Championship despite the talent and the serious potential.

Statistically, Prescott's numbers in the regular season were respectable. However, it doesn't do him much good if he's been able to play good only against the bad teams. While Prescott isn't to be blamed for the fact that Dallas gets weaker opponents most of the time in the regular season, his biggest problem is consistency. Then again, he also can't be blamed for a poor offensive line, questionable and untrustworthy defense, head-scratching play-calling, etc.

With Green Bay coming to Arlington this weekend, it doesn't look good for Dallas, and Prescott's got to prove himself. The question is if he can lead his team against a team that has been a nightmare for Dallas in the playoffs or not. Doing so would increase his odds. But it remains to be seen.

It's obvious that Prescott needs to do his job, but at the same time, he's going to need support from the offensive line and the defense. And he's going to need his TEs and WRs to connect with him. The running game needs to do its part too. The only Dallas wins is if they can excel as a team. But it's important to avoid early mistakes and mishaps because Green Bay doesn't shy on taking advantage of mistakes made by the opposition.

If Prescott plays well and Dallas advances to the divisional round, his MVP odds increase. The winner of the Dallas/Green Bay game plays the winner of the Tampa Bay/Philadelphia game in the divisional which sets up a potential meeting against San Francisco in the NFC Championship. Dallas has a score to settle against San Francisco, but they're a long way from that. First things first, Prescott and the Boys need to make it past Green Bay.


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