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Why the Dallas Cowboys will NOT win the Super Bowl

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Every year, right before football season begins, Dallas Cowboys fans always preach, "This is our year! We're going to win the Super Bowl!" It's the same thing every year. Not surprisingly, fanbases of other teams are annoyed by it, and it's no surprise based on where the franchise is at this point, fanbases pretty much see Cowboys Nation as a laughing stock.

It's understandable that lifelong loyal fans have all the faith, confidence, and love in the world in their beloved Cowboys. There's nothing wrong with being loyal to the Cowboys, but knowing and understanding everything that is wrong with the team, but still somehow believing that this is the Cowboys' year? COME ON, MAN! GROW UP! IT IS NOT HAPPENING!

The Cowboys WON'T win the Super Bowl are here's why;

Jerry Jones is still in charge

No disrespect to Jerry, but he's been the problem since he drove Jimmy Johnson out of town. Fans from the old days are still bitter that Jones' first order of business was firing Tom Landry back in 1989. If that wasn't bad enough, causing a fallout with Johnson made the fans resent him more.

The biggest issue is Jones' refusal to step down as General Manager. And as long as Jones is in charge, there's no hope PERIOD. It hasn't changed at all since 1995, so how could it change now? Anybody? Exactly...

Are Mike McCarthy and Kellen Moore trustworthy? Not really...

Head Coach Mike McCarthy maybe deserves one more chance, but he's certainly in a one, two, three strikes you're out situation. It's a make-or-break for him. In order for him to have any chance of retaining his job, Dallas needs to win the division again and win a playoff game. Failure to do so should be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Trusting McCarthy is very difficult, but trusting Moore? IMPOSSIBLE. Moore's play-calling is too unpredictable. At times, his play-calling is bad. TERRIBLE. Sometimes so bad, he puts himself in a spot where he's just another Jason Garrett. Yes, the offensive stats were all supposedly in the top 10 last season in pretty much all the categories, but there were issues. The offense faltered many times last season. Not to mention, the HORRIBLE offensive performance in the playoff game against San Francisco. And that final play...repulsive.

Honestly, the penalties, the terrible running game, and the lack of effective blocking are NOT Moore's fault. But as offensive coordinator, isn't he supposed to work on finding solutions to these problems? To Moore's defense, the timeouts, game management moves, etc are NOT on him. But while Moore does very well at times, he's still got a reputation of being too unpredictable with the play-calling and the offense overall lacks rhythm and consistency.

Therefore, it's PUT UP OR SHUT UP for both Moore and McCarthy.

The offense's lack of rhythm and consistency

Does it start with effective play-calling? Yes, it does. An offense needs a smart and accurate play-caller. And then what? Simple. An offense needs production. And in order to have production, it needs precision. But most importantly, the offense needs to find a rhythm and be consistent. Dallas has NONE of that.

It can be argued whether or not the problems start with Moore. But the fact that the Dallas' offense has a weak and fragile offensive line, a dead running game, and a passing game that can implode in a heartbeat is bad for Moore, McCarthy, and the entire team for that matter.

Without an effective offensive line, the offense will immediately lack rhythm and consistency. No offensive line means no running game and it'll negatively affect the passing game. Blocking is a huge part of offensive production.

Many say that Ezekiel Elliott just doesn't try anymore. Some say Dak Prescott is just bad. Many say both. Others will blame Moore and some might say just that it's all just pure BAD luck. Everyone plays the blame game. Fingers are pointed in all directions.

Overall, there are many answered questions regarding the offense. And a team with an offense with many problems and concerns with no signs of improvement doesn't make it to the Super Bowl. Too many unanswered questions mean too many what-ifs.

Dallas doesn't win

Yes, they won 12 games last season. But who did Dallas beat that was any good? Dallas only beat the Chargers because Justin Herbert & company shot themselves in the foot. Sure, they got a win against the Patriots in New England, they nearly got beat a rookie QB in that game and New England wasn't very good last season.

Okay, they beat Atlanta 43-3, but they lost to a mediocre Denver Broncos team. There was no reason for them to lose to Las Vegas. Their 21-6 win against the Giants on the road? That game was a disaster. Not to mention their trip to DC saw them nearly choke the game away BIG TIME. They did finish undefeated against the worst division in the league, the NFC LEAST.

Last season, Dallas beat NOBODY. They're a team that can beat a weak and terrible team, but against a strong team? Dallas doesn't get it done.

The season was bad. The Amari Cooper trade was bogus since Dallas got practically nothing out of it. The way Dallas lost Randy Gregory was embarrassing. They had a chance of signing Von Miller as well as Bobby Wagner, but it didn't happen.

It appears that Dallas has the second easiest schedule in the league. That doesn't mean anything. In the NFL, there's no such thing as an easy schedule. Besides, Dallas can be in a situation where there's no way they can lose and still come up short. Dallas is so unpredictable that winnable games don't exist for them. Dallas could very well start out 0-4.

They're not winning the Super Bowl. Better yet, they won't even win the NFC EAST.

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