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The Dallas Cowboys are a Total Embarrassment

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

Maintaining a 28-14 lead in the fourth quarter is something that the Dallas Cowboys simply could not do. A team as mediocre and dysfunctional, that the Green Bay Packers supposedly were coming into this game, proved to be a mere distraction for the Cowboys. Dallas thought they'd have a mental edge. It didn't happen. Because they were absolutely embarrassed once again by Aaron Rodgers, who proved again that he simply OWNS the Dallas Cowboys.

31-28 Green Bay in OT. Dallas had a promising opening drive in OT that had to be ruined because of penalties. All the other opportunities squandered in the fourth quarter to secure their lead all flushed down the toilet. Most of the opportunities in the game overall went down the toilet. So much for a happy homecoming, right, Mike McCarthy?

The Cowboys are an embarrassment. Plain and simple.

Dallas jumped to a 7-0 lead and forced a fumble and got the ball within the ten-yard line and they failed to take advantage. Dak Prescott would throw an interception in the endzone and Green Bay would go on and score. Another careless interception through offensive miscues led to Green Bay scoring again. Another game with more questionable play-calling.

The Dallas defense got ridiculed by rookie receiver Christian Watson who caught four catches for 107 yards including THREE touchdowns. Aaron Jones ran the ball down their throat with 138 yards on 24 carries. Allen Lazard did his thing when he caught a pass and ran into Dallas territory to put the Packers in field goal range for the game-winner. Tony Pollard and CeeDee Lamb played well. It's unfortunate that their best efforts respectively weren't enough. Overall, this is a TEAM LOSS. Players and coaching.

Well, speaking of Dallas getting ridiculed by Green Bay, that's Rodgers' thing! Quite frankly, that's Green Bay's thing! Maybe it's no surprise Dallas got humiliated by a struggling Packers team. It's been seen before! Remember that 2013 season 37-36 loss to Green Bay? And it wasn't Rodgers who was under center! History doesn't lie, Cowboys Nation.

Dallas is now 6-3 and third in the NFC East. From the looks of it, they may sink to 6-5 after Thanksgiving. On the road against the Minnesota Vikings next and Thanksgiving at home against the New York Giants in their next two games. And all the problems going on right now thanks to this embarrassment of a game in Green Bay? The NFC East title is out of reach by now. A playoff berth? Possible, no doubt, but it's going to take a miracle. Speaking of miracles, Dallas will need one to beat Minnesota on the road for the third consecutive time.

Dallas needs to get their act together. The players and the coaching staff.

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