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The Carolina Panthers are on the Clock

The Chicago Bears have traded the first overall pick to the Carolina Panthers. Here are three questions from this latest piece of news, What did the Panthers give up? What will the Panthers do with this pick? What led to this happening?

What led to this happening?

Since the end of this past season, the Panthers were rumored to trade up. Now it was either going to be for first or third. Either Carolina or the Indianapolis Colts were rumored to trade for the first overall. Both teams need a franchise quarterback. Since Frank Reich got hired and has brought in his coaching stuff it has been forgone conclusion that Carolina was going to trade, whether that is trading up or staying at the ninth overall pick where they were previously.

Chicago was willing to trade down because they found their franchise guy in Justin Fields and now they have a good amount of draft capital on top of that they have the most salary cap in the league with roughly $100 million.

What did the Panthers give up?

Carolina has given up their 2023 second-round, 2024 first-round, 2025 second-round, and the main prize for the Bears, the Panthers' star wide receiver DJ Moore. Chicago was going to go after Moore once free agency started (free agency starts March 15th). Likely Chicago presumingly accepted Carolina’s offer because their offer consisted of Moore.

What will the Panthers do with this pick?

Now the question becomes, What will the Panthers do with this pick? It is obvious at this point they will draft a quarterback. Most are predicting that QB to be, former Ohio State QB CJ Stroud. There’s a chance that Florida QB Anthony Richardson goes first overall with his performance at the Combine and mobility. The other option could be former Alabama quarterback Bryce Young (Please not Will Levis), Young and Stroud seem the most pro-ready while Richardson needs more time to develop, according to NFL draft analysts.

Final Thoughts

There certainly were rumors that Carolina was going to trade. However, no one thought Moore was a huge part of the deal. Did we get fleeced? Some fans are already claiming Carolina got fleeced, there is no way to tell at this moment we will have to see how this plays out. It could take a few years for us t know if the Panthers got fleeced or not. Lastly, to Chicago Bears Fans, you got a great receiver who is versatile and will make a great weapon for Justin Fields to throw to.

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