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The beginning of a downfall for Dallas?

By Alex Al-Kazzaz

The Jacksonville Jaguars overpowered the Dallas Cowboys in a brilliant and resilient come-from-behind 40-34 win. A game-winning pick six puts Dak Prescott & company in a very bad spot. Dallas drops to 10-4 and this humiliating loss may be the start of a season downfall considering Dallas plays Philadelphia on Christmas Eve.

Dallas once had a 27-10 lead and it was soon a 31-27 lead in Jacksonville's favor. Although Dallas scored and made it 34-31, Jacksonville still had a chance, but after Trevor Lawrence fumbled, Dallas had their chance to seal the win, but failed. Jacksonville rallied and tied the game with five seconds left. After forcing a three-and-out in overtime, Dallas had their shot to get the win and they failed.

This loss is from a team perspective. In other words, everyone needs to accept and take responsibility for this. Offense, defense, Prescott, Kellen Moore, Mike McCarthy, etc. At this point, it may be irrelevant on who the blame goes to because the bottom line is that Dallas didn't get the job done. And in Dallas' case, what really throws salt into a deep and painful cut is that this humiliation all could have been avoided.

Dallas needs to face facts. And the facts prove that Dallas needs to get their act together. Because if they don't, it'll become more clear that a downfall is coming. The odds won't be in Dallas' favor at home against Philadelphia, but Dallas needs to pick up the pieces and learn a lesson from their loss to the Jaguars.

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