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Thanksgiving Thriller: Lions Hunt, Packers Defend

Game Info

Date: 11/23/23

Start Time: 12:30 pm EST

Location: Ford Field

TV Info: Fox

Spread: -7.5

ATS Records: Packers lead series all-time 103-76-7

Offensive And Defensive Rankings

Offensive: Packers 21st Lions 2nd

Defensive: Packers 17th Lions 9th

Packers vs Lions Thanksgiving Preview

The Thanksgiving face-off between the Green Bay Packers (4-6) and the Detroit Lions (8-2) is set to be a riveting contest. The Packers surprisingly still have playoff hopes, thanks to the promising developments of quarterback Jordan Love and a tenacious, albeit injury-riddled, squad. The Lions, sitting comfortably at 8-2, are the favorites, bolstered by their dominant performance in a 34-20 win against the Packers earlier this season.

The Rise of Jordan Love

Jordan Love's emergence as a capable leader for the Packers has been a key storyline this season. After a shaky start, Love has shown notable improvement in his game management, accuracy, and poise under pressure. His recent performances, marked by improved touchdown-to-interception ratios and clutch play in tight situations, have breathed life into the Packers' offense.

Love's recent performances have been impressive, with noticeable improvements over his last three games. He managed to avoid turnovers in two of those games and demonstrated an increased ability to pass effectively downfield. Notably, this past Sunday saw Love achieve a career-high in passing 322 yards and 2 TDs, sealing the game with a 24-yard touchdown pass to Romeo Doubs for the win. With the momentum from a promising Week 11 showing, Love now gears up for a swift turnaround as he prepares to face a formidable divisional opponent in Detroit on Thanksgiving.

Spotlight on Packers' Rookie Receivers and Tight End

The Packers' offense has witnessed a remarkable resurgence, courtesy of the contributions from their rookie trio—Jayden Reed, Dontayvion Wicks, and tight end Luke Musgrave. Unfortunately, the challenge of a short week has left both Wicks and Musgrave ruled out for the upcoming matchup, with Reed still listed as questionable. This setback could be particularly detrimental to this young and promising offensive group.

Jayden Reed: Reed has swiftly emerged as a dual-threat dynamo, shining as a pivotal playmaker in both the passing and running game. In the exhilarating week 11 victory over the Chargers, he dazzled with a remarkable 46 rushing yards, 46 receiving yards, and a touchdown, showcasing his versatile skill set. His exceptional talent for creating separation, coupled with his reliable hands, has transformed him into a relentless force, particularly in high-stakes situations like third downs and within the critical confines of the red zone. Reed's multifaceted abilities make him an indispensable asset on the field, consistently keeping defenses on their toes. Look for Reed to become the main focal point for the Packers offense.

Dontayvion Wicks: Wicks has added a vertical threat to the Packers' offense. His impressive catch radius and ability to win contested catches have provided Love with a reliable deep threat, stretching defenses and creating space for other receivers. Wicks is coming off the biggest performance of his rookie career with 3 receptions and 95 receiving yards.

Luke Musgrave: Musgrave's impact extends beyond his receiving skills. His blocking has been crucial in shoring up the Packers' offensive line, especially in light of their injury struggles. His versatility as a pass-catcher and blocker has added a new dimension to the Packers' offense, making it more unpredictable and dynamic. We can only hope that the abdominal injury he suffered against the Chargers requiring hospitalization isn't as serious as it may initially appear.

The Lions' Dominance

The Lions' strong record is no fluke. Their offense has been explosive and their defense has come up big in key moments. In their previous meeting, the Lions exploited weaknesses in the Packers' defense, particularly in the run game totaling a ridiculous 211 yards against the Packer's defense, and will likely aim to replicate this success. Their balanced attack on offense and aggressive defensive play-calling have made them one of the top teams in the league this season.

The Lions managed to secure three consecutive victories, boasting an impressive 8-2 record after 11 weeks of play. The past couple of weeks have been quite the rollercoaster for Detroit fans. They navigated a high-scoring showdown against Justin Herbert and the Chargers in Week 10 and followed it up with a stunning comeback win over Justin Fields and the Bears last Sunday. Notably, the Lions only two losses this season came against formidable opponents, the Seahawks in Week 2 and the Ravens in Week 7, both of whom clinched playoff spots in 2022. With their current 8-2 record, the Lions find themselves occupying the coveted No. 2 seed in the NFC playoff race.

The Lions haven't historically been recognized for their resilience and skill, but a remarkable turnaround has been achieved through a combination of excellent drafting and, of course, the impactful leadership of their head coach, Dan Campbell. This marks a historic achievement for the franchise, as it's their best record after 10 games since 1962. The possibility of clinching their first division title since 1993 looms large, making this season one to remember for Lions fans.

Don't Panic: Jared Goff's 3 Interceptions Raise No Red Flags

Goff had a tough outing against the Bears last week with three interceptions, but he still stands tall among the NFL's top quarterbacks. He ranks in the top 10 for completion percentage (68.3%), yards per attempt (7.6), and passer rating (96.1). What's truly remarkable is his second-place ranking in the NFL for success rate at 52.4%, showcasing his ability to make impactful plays.

Goff's ability to lead his team to victory is on full display with his three game-winning drives this season, ranking him third in the league in this crucial category. His strength lies in his exceptional anticipation and precision, traits that set him apart as a quarterback.

He operates the Ben Johnson offense with a level of expertise that showcases his decisiveness and accuracy. Week after week, Goff proves to be a reliable playmaker who consistently comes through for his team when it matters most.

Key Matchups and Strategies

Packers' Offensive Line vs. Lions' Pass Rush: Protecting Love will be crucial for the Packers. The offensive line must contain the Lions' formidable pass rush to give Love time to find his young receivers.

While their defensive line doesn't match the same level of dominance, the Lions have still managed to tally 23 sacks and limit opponents to 3.6 yards per rushing attempt. Pro Football Focus ranks them second-best in run defense but 19th in pass-rushing defense. In Week 4, the Packers experienced the disruptive force of players like Aidan Hutchinson and Alim McNeil.

Packers' Defense vs. Lions' Offense: The Packers' defense needs to step up, particularly in limiting the Lions' run game and putting pressure on the quarterback. Forcing turnovers could be a game-changer for the Packers.

The Lions showcase their dominance up front on offense, with Jared Goff experiencing a low sack rate at just 4.5% of his dropbacks and the team averaging a solid 4.6 yards per rushing attempt. Pro Football Focus rates them second-best in both pass-blocking and run-blocking offensive lines. Dan Campbell and Ben Johnson heavily rely on this line, evident from their high number of run attempts and successful play-action passing. The Packers are going to have to start getting lucky or force turnovers on defense if they expect to stand a chance against the Lions on Thanksgiving in Detroit.

Packers Special Teams: Special teams play could play a pivotal role, especially in a potentially close game. Field position and capitalizing on any mistakes will be crucial for both teams. Both the Packers Organization and their passionate fan base have had high expectations for Rich Bisaccia, given his impressive coaching track record. It's clear that any challenges he might be facing are not due to a lack of knowledge or effort on his part. Rich is known for his unwavering dedication, and players have even expressed their willingness to go to great lengths for him. Let's reach out to Rich and get some insights into the situation. Hey Rich, hope you're doing well! Just checking in about the special teams situation. I remember YOU discussed making some positive changes there. How's that coming along?

I have this sneaking suspicion that Rich might just give us the silent treatment on this one. Remember the good old days when he was the new sheriff in town and Packers Nation was buzzing like a kid on a sugar rush? Good times! Don't get me wrong, I'm still rooting for the guy, but landing at 31st in DVOA? Ouch, that's like being excited for a family Thanksgiving dinner and ending up with burnt toast!

Injury Report

In the Packers' recent offensive resurgence, Jayden Reed, Luke Musgrave, and Dontayvion Wicks played indispensable roles. Unfortunately, the football gods have dealt us a harsh hand as all three of these key players are nursing injuries following Sunday's clash. The grim possibility that none of them may be able to take the field on Thursday looms large, and it serves as a stark reminder of the relentless and unforgiving nature of this sport.


This Thanksgiving showdown transcends the typical divisional clash; it serves as a litmus test for the Packers' resilience and the Lions' consistency. With the Packers breathing new life through Love and the emergence of rookie sensations, and the Lions determined to establish their dominance, this game promises a captivating fusion of strategy, skill, and an unyielding will to win. Brace for a hard-fought battle where every play has the potential to sway the balance, in a contest brimming with "possible" playoff implications for the Packers.

Despite the Packers grappling with injuries, I firmly believe this game will stand as an exceptional matchup, offering excitement to fans and enthusiasts alike. Nevertheless, should a significant number of the Packers' key skill position players find themselves sidelined, it's conceivable that this contest may not unfold as a closely contested affair.

Final Score

Packers 23, Lions 31.

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