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Superstars Who'll Dethrone Current WWE Champions

In the new era of WWE, we have witnessed many new champions. This article will discuss the current WWE champions on the main roster and explain the superstars who will dethrone these champions.

WWE Championship

Current Champion: Cody Rhodes

Prediction for Next Champion: Seth Rollins

This would be a complete circle for Seth Rollins, as he was Cody Rhodes’ “shield” at Wrestlemania 40 and helped dethrone Roman Reigns. Seth and Cody have also had rivals in the past, as Seth has never beaten Cody Rhodes clean. I see Seth returning to win the Royal Rumble in 2025 to defeat Cody Rhodes.

World Heavyweight Championship

Current Champion: Damien Priest 

Prediction for Next Champion: Finn Balor 

At this point in Finn’s career, he needs another title run, considering his older age than others on the roster. With Judgment Day diminishing by the day, we could expect to see a Judgement Day civil war where we could see Finn Balor claiming the gold at Summerslam. Another possible scenario is Finn Balor winning the men’s Money in the Bank match this summer.

United States Championship

Current Champion: Logan Paul

Prediction for Next Champion: LA Knight 

LA Knight is one of the most over- superstars on the main roster, and fans have been impatient about why he hasn’t held a championship on the main roster. LA Knight and Logan Paul have had their heated moments in 2023, and with both of the men on the same smackdown roster, we can see a possible matchup at Summerslam this year.

World Tag Team Championships

Current Champions: Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth)

Prediction for Next Champions: New Day

The New Day is considered one of the greatest tag teams ever, and they should have another title run before retiring from the company. 

WWE Tag Team Championships

Current Champions: A-Town Down Under (Austin Theory & Grayson Waller)

Prediction for Next Champions: D.I.Y

I believe that they have the talent to have a successful title run. If they win it at a live event or PLE, I believe that D.I.Y will put on a classic match to finally reach gold on the main roster.

WWE Women's Championship

Current Champion: Bayley 

Prediction for Next Champion: Tiffany Stratton

I believe Tiffany Stratton will win the Money in the Bank match and cash in the same night. Strap a rocket ship to her and see how far she can go, she's a legit five-tool player already.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

Current Champions: Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair 

Prediction for Next Champions: [Insert NXT Tag Team Here]

I don’t see them losing to anybody anytime soon, and that’s when either of them turns heel, igniting the must-see feud for these women at Wrestlemania 41.

Womens World Championship

Current Champion: Becky Lynch 

Prediction for Next Champion: Liv Morgan 

I don’t understand why Liv didn’t win the battle royale. I hope there’s a twist where she finally dethrones Becky for the championship, and Rhea Ripley confronts her post-match, igniting a bigger fuel.

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Current Champion: Sami Zayn

Prediction for Next Champion: Chad Gable

Gable should’ve dethroned Gunther. I hope we can get one more final singles match between the two men in which Gable finally wins the belt.

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