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Super Bowl Rematches and Predictions: Cheifs look to Take Down 49ers Once Again


This Super Bowl is a rematch of Super Bowl 54. It's the 9th rematch in Super Bowl history. The first was the Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1979 season. The Steelers were victorious in that rematch. The other rematches are:

Washington Redskins(Now Commanders) beat the Miami Dolphins 27-17 in the 1983 season: The Commanders have a 1-1 record after losing the first time to the undefeated Dolphins in the 1972 season.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers again in the 1996 season: The Cowboys beat the Steelers this time 27-17. The only Super Bowl rematch rematch. The Steelers are leading the series 2-1 still though.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals in the 1988 season: San Francisco won 20-16 because of the greatest WR performance in a Super Bowl ever by Jerry Rice. San Francisco leads the series at 2-0. Given how much Cincinnati dislikes the Chiefs as of recently, the Bengals fans and players(looking at you Jamar Chase) probably won't be watching Super Bowl 58.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Buffalo Bills in 1993: Dallas won 30-13. This is the only back-to-back Super Bowl rematch. Dallas leads the series 2-0 and destroyed Buffalo both times. The first game ended 52-17. OUCH!

New England Patriots vs St. Louis/ Los Angeles Rams in 2018: New England won 13-3 and New England lead the series 2-0. The legend of Tom Brady started the first time these teams met in the Super Bowl. The first and last Super Bowls Tom Brady would win as a Patriot were by the same team in different cities. His last season in New England would be the next year.

New England Patriots Vs. Philadelphia Eagles in the 2017 season: Philadelphia won 41-33 thanks to "the Philly Special" and the greatest backup QB performance ever(Nick Foles). The series is tied 1-1.

New England vs. New York Giants in the 2012 season: New York beat New England 21-17 and New York lead the series 2-0. Both games were decided by masterful 2-minute drives by Manning. Not the one you'd think though. Eli Manning led two masterful drives to beat the unbeatable New England Patriots not once, but twice.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers: to be continued...

Now on to Super Bowl 58. This is going to be a dogfight until the clock reads zero. Christian McCaffrey vs. Nick Bolton, Chiefs OL vs. San Frans DL, San Fran's WR/TE vs. Kansas City's DB's. Travis Kelce vs. everybody and Patrick Mahomes chasing Tom Brady for the title of GOAT.

San Francisco had the Kansas City Chiefs beat the last time they met in the Super Bowl. Did the San Francisco 49ers learn from history like the Philadelphia Eagles or the Washington Commanders or are they doomed to repeat like the Bengals, Bills, Rams, or even New England vs. the Giants?



Well, I was fifty percent right last week. I thought the Lions were going to pull it out. I looked correct for one-half of the football. Sometimes you protect that lead. Put the ego down and protect that lead. Sometimes coaches get in their way. Andy Reid did that with the handoff to Medole Hardman on the 1-yard line in the divisional round against the Bills. The Chiefs would've put the nail in the coffin if they had just handed the ball to Pacheco at that moment. Luckily for the Chiefs, it didn't cost them. Sadly for the Lions, that's not the case. This analyst has the strength to admit when he's wrong. I'm not Skip Bayless. Congrats to the 49ers.

Got that out of the way. Now on to the prediction of Super Bowl 58. The Chiefs will win.


49ERS 23

This is Super Bowl 58. I know that means nothing to non-Chiefs fans. This is the Super for the late great Derrick Thomas #58. R.I.P. You're gone (way too soon) but not forgotten by Chiefs Kingdom!


Tim DeFrisco / Stringer

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