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Something Foul: Sean McDermott Uses Abraham Lincoln Assassination to Illustrate Close Range Accuracy

“BLAMMO!” Sean McDermott cried as he was talking to his team. “NOW THAT’S HOW TO HIT THAT SLANT ROUTE, BOYS!”

McDermott, who has always been adept at providing relatable illustrations for his coaching points, explained on Tuesday how the account of John Wilkes Booth’s assassination of President Abraham Lincoln has been a helpful comparison while watching tape with his quarterbacks.

“Yeah it’s a little analogy I like to use that keeps the guys on the edge of their seats, much like the audience at Ford’s Theater in April 1865.”

When asked about other historical tragedies he plans to use for illustration, McDermott responded, “Yeah, I’m gonna use the Zapruder film in the same way as the Lincoln story, except for long passes. Then, I’m planning to teach them about protecting the blind side, especially in icy conditions, with a Titanic comparison.”

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