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Something Foul: Patrick Mahomes Releases New Mixtape that Fittingly Will Get Dropped Today

KANSAS CITY- While the loss is still fresh in his mind, Patrick Mahomes informed the media that he released his first mixtape, all cover songs inspired by football. Needless to say, it seems his track list may be heavily influenced by more recent games the Chiefs have played. We'll let you be the judge.


  1. "Drop It Like It's Hot" (Originally performed by Snoop Dogg)

  2. "Drops of Jupiter" (Originally performed by Train)

  3. "Drop the World" (Originally performed by Lil Wayne and Eminem)

  4. "Life By the Drop" (Originally performed by Stevie Ray Vaughan)

  5. "Drop the Game" (Originally performed by Flume)

  6. "Drop it Low" (Originally performed by Ester Dean and Chris Brown)

  7. "Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)" (Originally performed by Pitbull and T-Pain)

  8. "Teardrops on My Guitar" (Originally performed by Taylor Swift)

  9. "I Can't Catch You" (Originally performed by Sixpence None the Richer)

  10. "When Will the Bass Drop?" (Originally performed by The Lonely Island)

  11. "Nagy Világi Zaj" (Originally performed by Csaknekedkislány)

Jalen Hurts was asked about Patrick Mahomes' mixtape tracklist and responded, "What about "One of These Nights" by The Eagles?"

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