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Something Foul: NASCAR Driver Who Has Finished 10% of Races, Crowned "G.O.A.T." By Fans on Twitter

MINNEAPOLIS- This is actually an article about Justin Fields. In another mixed bag on Monday Night Football, Justin Fields did something he never did before; leading his team on a game-winning drive. Though a win is a win in the NFL, many acknowledge it certainly was mediocre at best, as the Bears mustered only four field goals, which was apparently enough to win. All this despite numerous turnovers and shortened fields for the Bears' offense to work with, as they had four interceptions in the game.

Fields has also garnered criticism in the past for his lack of ball security, which was on display again on Monday Night, fumbling the ball twice in the last five minutes, or so, of the game. His failure to protect the ball during crunch time may be the death knell of his career in Chicago.

Fields fans flocked to Twitter to puff their chests about how their quarterback led his team to a game-winning drive, which was the main thing we had been wanting him to prove. He did do this. This is true, but was this really a performance to flaunt? This article is admittedly less satire and more an outlet for me to vent my feelings on this quarterback. So I appreciate you bearing (pun. hah) with me.

I don't doubt Fields is/has been/will be talented. I don't doubt the Bears coaching staff has let him down repeatedly throughout his career to this point. I don't doubt that any other quarterback would have struggled in this organization. But we require higher standards, Bears fans. I'm sorry. We deserve better. Fields has not answered the call as we had hoped. It's disappointing, certainly, but it doesn't hurt to admit that.

Here's the rub: whether you like Fields or not, whether you believe in Fields or not, whether you think Williams or Maye or Penix or McCarthy or Nix or whoever is the answer, the Bears are drafting a quarterback next year. Make your peace with it. The sooner, the better.

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