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Smith's Green Bay Packers 2024 NFL Mock Draft 2.0

Welcome to my Mock Draft 2.0, where we dive deep into the Green Bay Packers' strategic moves and selections for the upcoming NFL Draft. This year, the Packers have been active in the trade market to maximize their draft capital. Notably, they traded back from pick 25 to pick 30, engaging in a deal with the Baltimore Ravens to acquire additional picks 93 and 130.

Another significant trade involved moving pick 41 to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for picks 52 and 83. These trades represent strategic maneuvers by the Packers to accumulate picks that align with their roster needs. Here's an expanded look at each player in the Packers' draft arsenal, chosen to bolster both the offense and defense, ensuring a bright future for the team:

Pick 30: Jackson Powers-Johnson, Center (Oregon)

Jackson Powers-Johnson is a highly touted center prospect, recognized for his impeccable blocking techniques and solid anchoring abilities. He is 6'3" and 320 lbs and has the ideal size and strength to excel in pass protection and run blocking. His high football IQ and leadership qualities make him a valuable asset, bringing physical prowess and strategic acumen to the center position. His consistent performance in critical games showcases his ability to handle high-pressure situations, making him an excellent foundation for any offensive line.

Pick 52: Jaden Hicks, Safety (Wazzou)

Jaden Hicks is a versatile safety with exceptional athletic ability. His excellent range and ball skills, coupled with his height of 6'3" and weight of 212 lbs, allow him to dominate in deep coverage, support the run, and effectively match up against various offensive threats. Hicks' quick instincts and ability to swiftly diagnose plays make him a potential game-changer in the secondary, providing the Packers with a reliable defender who can adapt to multiple defensive formats. IMO, Hicks would make an exceptional pair with Xavier Mckinney.

Pick 58: Edgerrin Cooper, Linebacker (Texas A&M)

Edgerrin Cooper is a fast and intuitive linebacker known for his impressive playmaking ability in both pass coverage and run support. At 6'3" and 230 lbs, Cooper's sideline-to-sideline speed and keen ability to quickly read and react to plays make him a perfect candidate for a modern NFL defensive scheme. His versatility as a blitzer and coverage linebacker will be an asset to any team looking for a multi-dimensional player who can impact various phases of the game. In my opinion, Cooper would instantly become the number 2 linebacker behind Quay Walker.

Pick 83: Cooper Beebe, Guard (Kansas State)

Cooper Beebe is a robust and technically proficient guard. Standing 6'4" and weighing 335 lbs, Beebe's size, strength, and agility make him a formidable presence on the offensive line. His adaptability and experience playing multiple positions along the line will give the Packers valuable depth and versatility, enhancing their pass-protection schemes and run-blocking capabilities.

Pick 88: Ray Davis, Running Back (Kentucky)

Ray Davis is a dynamic and powerful halfback at 5'10" and 216 lbs; his compact frame and low center of gravity allow him to effectively break tackles and gain yards after contact. His versatility extends to his receiving skills out of the backfield, making him a dual threat in the Packers' offensive playbook. Davis's ability to contribute to pass protection makes him a three-down back suitable for various offensive situations. There is much-needed depth for the Packers, and I think Davis could possibly take A.J. Dillon's spot as the number 2 running back. The one thing that makes me feel the Packers might not draft him is his age.

Pick 91: Dominick Puni, OT/IOL (Kansas)

Dominick Puni stands out with his impressive frame at 6'5" and 303 lbs. His athleticism and technique make him highly effective in pass protection and run blocking. Puni's quick feet and ability to mirror defenders allow him to protect the quarterback's blind side and create substantial running lanes, making him a key prospect for any team looking to bolster their offensive line. Puni improved significantly from 2022 to 2023. If he continues on this path, he will have the power and size to earn a significant role as a guard.

Pick 93: MarShawn Lloyd, RB (USC)

MarShawn Lloyd, a versatile halfback, offers a blend of speed, power, and elusiveness that makes him a valuable addition to the backfield. At 5'9" and 210 lbs, Lloyd's ability to contribute as a runner, receiver, and pass protector makes him a multifaceted weapon. His vision, patience, and knack for finding openings in the defense contribute to his dynamic playmaking ability, providing the Packers with a potent offensive threat.

Pick 126: Jordan Magee, Linebacker (Temple)

Jordan Magee is a high-motor linebacker with a knack for making plays. At 6'3" and 225 lbs, his combination of size, speed, and physicality make him well-suited for both run defense and potential contributions in pass coverage. Magee's ability to quickly diagnose plays and his relentless pursuit of the ball carrier will add depth and aggressiveness to the Packers' linebacker unit. RAS 9.6

Pick 130: Cole Bishop, Safety (Utah)

Cole Bishop is a hard-hitting safety at 6'2" and 207 lbs. His range and ball skills enable him to excel in coverage, while his physicality makes him a formidable presence against the run. Bishop's ability to read the quarterback's intentions and versatility in playing deep and in the box make him a valuable asset in any defensive scheme, especially one that values adaptability and impact plays. With Mckinney, Hicks and Bishop would provide outstanding depth the Packers desperately need.

Pick 169: Walter Rouse, Offensive Tackle (Oklahoma)

Walter Rouse is a technically sound and experienced offensive tackle. At 6'6" and 322 lbs, Rouse's size and strength allow him to dominate on the edge. His intelligence and ability to handle both speed and power rushers provide the Packers with a reliable protector for their quarterback and a strong contributor to their running game. Rouse is a seasoned and robust offensive tackle prospect, boasting impressive size and reach. His strengths lie in his exceptional run-blocking ability. However, he must refine his pass-protection skills and enhance his footwork to excel in the NFL truly.

Pick 202: Keith Randolph Jr., Defensive Lineman (Illinois)

Keith Randolph Jr. is a strong and agile defensive lineman from Illinois. At 6'5" and 305 lbs, his combination of size and quickness allows him to effectively disrupt offensive lines and collapse the pocket. Randolph's versatility in playing multiple positions along the defensive line will make him a valuable piece in the Packers' defensive strategies, especially in schemes that value disruption and versatility.

Pick 219: Elijah Jones, Cornerback (Boston College)

Elijah Jones is a long, athletic cornerback at 6'2" and 185 lbs. His size and speed are ideal for modern NFL defenses. Jones's ability to press and disrupt receivers at the line of scrimmage, combined with his ball skills, make him a promising candidate to develop into a reliable cover corner, providing the Packers with a potential key player in their secondary. Jones has the length and movement to find a role as a backup outside corner for the Packers and possibly the starter, considering the current roster, especially with Stokes being questionable. Something tells me Jones has a decent chance to become a Packer, considering Green Bay's new defensive coordinator was the head coach for Boston College.

Pick 245: Marcus Harris, Defensive Lineman (Auburn)

Marcus Harris is a high-motor defensive lineman who excels in penetrating opposing backfields. At 6'3" and 295 lbs, his agility and knack for finding gaps make him a potent pass-rusher and a disruptive force on the defensive line. Harris's relentless effort and playmaking ability in the backfield will give the Packers a valuable rotational piece for their pass-rush schemes.

Pick 255: Will Reichard, Kicker (Alabama

Will Reichard is a highly reliable and accurate kicker from Alabama, known for his consistency and composure under pressure. At 6'1" and 194 lbs, his leg strength allows him to successfully convert long-distance field goals, adding a strategic advantage to the Packers' special teams. Reichard's experience as a kickoff specialist further enhances his value, providing Green Bay with additional options in managing field positions. However, considering the Packers recently signed Greg Joseph from the Vikings, it seems unlikely they would prioritize a kicker in the draft. Selecting Reichard could only be justified if they seek competition at the position or plan for future special teams' flexibility. Holds the record for most kicks over 50 yards at Alabama, bro is automatic.

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