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Report: Rodgers Losing Packers Locker Room

Losing is never fun, but when you have a four time NFL MVP as your starting quarterback, losing becomes a lot tougher to swallow.

For the Green Bay Packers, tension has consistently risen inside the locker room during their 3-6 start. Veteran players have begun to "grow tired" of some of Rodgers' public and private antics.

For the last few years, Rodgers has appeared every Tuesday on the Pat McAfee show. During those appearances, Rodgers tells plenty of stories, football and non-football alike. However, some of the stories he has been telling and the comments he has been making have led to "spreading discontent" in the Packers locker room in recent weeks.

Green Bay rolled into the 2022-23 NFL season as top Super Bowl contenders, mainly because of the reigning NFL MVP. But, with Rodgers' play steadily declining, some of his public and private comments have become less bearable for leaders in the GB locker room.

In the past, any streaks of losses for the Packers inspired some heroic comments from Aaron Rodgers in his press conferences from the "R-E-L-A-X" year, to the "Run the Table" year. Even in the Packers Super Bowl run in 2010, they went from 6-6 to winning Super Bowl XLV.

Unfortunately, the Packers' locker room does not feel the inspiration from their captain. Players in the offense are displeased with the playcalling, some of the checks at the line of scrimmage and the way Rodgers "scapegoats the wide receiver room" which can be led back to playing time comments made on the McAfee show.

Ultimately, if it were up to a few players in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers would not be the starting quarterback tomorrow against the Dallas Cowboys. Whether that be because of play, dirty looks or public comments, there is real trouble in paradise for Titletown, USA.

It's hard to make decisions about moving on from a $50M quarterback, especially one who is coming off of back to back NFL MVPs. But, if Green Bay wants to retain the trust of some of their most vocal leaders, and fans, changes need to happen. And they need to happen fast.

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