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Potential Red Sox trade targets

With the recent news of Trevor Story going down with elbow surgery I want to highlight 4 starting caliber shortstops the Red Sox front office can target to fill the gaping hole that is there middle infield (excluding free agents because that’s boring).

#4 Nick Ahmed

Nick Ahmed would bring a valuable defensive first shortstop that would help out this defense as Rafael Devers and Christian Arroyo aren’t known to have a plus glove like Ahmed. The Diamondbacks are looking to go young with this current team and Ahmed, who is going into his age 33 season, doesn’t fit the build. This could, however, be a great buy low candidate for the Sox. It sure isn't the flashiest move but it would fit the hole the Red Sox need. Geraldo Perdomo struggled in his first full season however I can see the Diamondbacks giving him full reigns of the starting shortstop position therefor moving on from Ahmed.

#3 Paul Dejong

Not much to say besides Paul Dejong is Nick Ahmed with more power and a higher strikeout percentage. Dejong last year wasn’t impressive, only playing in 79 games striking out 79 times in 237 plate appearances ( roughly a 33% strikeout rate) compared to Ahmed who had a 27 percent strikeout rate). Dejong has shown flashes of being an above average shortstop but the past few years we haven’t seen that. The former Illinois State product slashes .157 with a .245 OBP and .286 SLG, I fully believe a change of scenery would benefit the former all star shortstop and putting him in Fenway Park would benefit both himself and the Sox. He would be expected to have above average defense and at the bare minimum an average bat.

#2 Miguel Rojas

This move interests me the most as if the Red Sox and Marlins were to make a package move of Rojas and, someone like, Edward Cabrera could be involved. Rojas had a below average season hitting .236 with a .286 OBP and a .323 SLG all career lows. He’s a known contact hitter with an average glove but entering his age 34 season i wouldn’t have high expectations for him. He’d be a rental piece to say the least as his contract expires after this season. If the Red Sox were to put a package together with Rojas in it and one of the Marlins young pitchers it would satisfy there two biggest needs.

#1 Ha-Seong Kim

The best and most realistic option for the Red Sox would be San Diego Padres shortstop/Second baseman Ha-Seong Kim. Kim is coming off a successful sophomore season hitting .251 with 11 home runs and 59 RBI’s with a 107 OPS+. Kim is currently slated to play second base next to former Red Sox Xander Bogartes and star 3rd baseman Manny Machado but with Fernando Tatis Jr's return looming Kim seems expendable. His asking price would be the highest out of the four players but it makes sense as he’s the most proven player out of the bunch, even when Story returns Kim would still stay in the starting lineup, sliding over to 2nd base.

The Red Sox find themselves in an interesting position with how they want to solve this middle infield depth. The American League East is way to competitive for the Sox to stand still so expect moves to be made unless they are very much settled on Enrique Hernandez starting at short.

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