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Our National Nightmare is Over, Chiefsaholic has been Officially Apprehended

There hasn't been a day since around Christmas where I haven't thought about the absurdity of Chiefsaholic at least three times. The backstory, the outfit, the fact that he was initially caught on a bicycle fleeing the Tulsa Teachers Credit Union he robbed, simply everything that makes 'the Wolf', 'the Wolf'. On July 10th, 2023, we can say officially, ladies and gentlemen...we got him. Xavier Michael Babudaur's arrest and charges of bank theft and transporting stolen property across state lines have been made public. This was in a joint FBI effort via the OKC, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Omaha, Memphis, and Kansas City branches, with help from local authorities in California, 'the Wolf's' original stomping grounds, where he was ultimately apprehended.

Home is Where the Wolf's Den Is

Based on prior known information, Chiefsaholic originally hailed from California before he made his way to Kansas City. So to some (me), it didn't seem too far-fetched of an idea that Babudaur would head west after he had removed his ankle monitor some 3.5 months ago. Additionally, coincidentally or not, there was a Brinks truck robbery near the spot of one of his first crime spots, Rancho Cucamonga, California, several days before his apprehension. This could be entirely coincidental, but it would track. Also not going to say I called it with him going back home...but yeah, I 100 percent did.

Anyway, according to the United States Attorney's Office, Chiefsaholic was apprehended in Lincoln, California, an outer suburb of Sacramento on July 7th. He is also slated to make his first court appearance since skipping bond today. The two Class C felonies alleged against him carry maximum sentences of 10 years, three years of supervised release, and a quarter million dollar fine, each.

Putting Numbers on the Board

An assumption that we made back a few months ago was that Chiefsaholic could have very well been a serial bank robber. How else would he have been able to place these bets and travel to every Kansas City Chiefs game? Well, we now know that he was indeed a serial offender. In 2022 alone, Chiefsaholic hit six banks, four of which happened between mid-November-mid December, ending with his failed Tulsa Teachers Credit Union Attempt days before the Chiefs Texans Week 15 game.

Chiefsaholic Bank Robberies

Image via United States Department of Justice Affidiviat and Court Filling against Chiefsaholic

The amount stolen between the Clive and Apple Valley robberies is N/A via the filing. However, between the other five (taking the Bixby case out of the equation), Chiefsaholic racked up over a half million dollars in 10 months, with two robberies coming in the same city a little under nine months apart. Just wait, there's more because it was all confirmed that Chiefsaholic was effectively laundering this money into casinos and sportsbooks (real shocker, I know). However, by the time he got caught, 'the Wolf' purchased ONE MILLION DOLLARS worth of casino chips/credits in 2022. That makes the alleged rumor of him not caring about losing 80 grand on the Chiefs outright against the Bills make a lot more sense. That and the Patrick Mahomes portrait bid at his Gala days before the Bixby robbery.

Additionally, authorities found multiple bet slips (a $20,000 slip via the Barstool Sportsbook, and a $4,000 slip via the Fan Duel Sportsbook) in his car, along with multiple letters from banks pertaining to five-figure deposits happening last year.

Zero Bag

While Chiefsaholic allegedly secured literal bags of money, his 'bag' as a robber wasn't that deep. In every robbery we know of, he wore essentially the same outfit. Baggy sweatshirt, winter gloves, and full paintball protection equipment. If that's the route he was going, he may as well used the Chiefsaholic costume. Either way, authorities were able to easily track him to several robberies via gloves and a hat he ditched after a pair of them via DNA testing. As for how they tracked him down to California, we don't know just yet, but this is a major turning point of one of the wildest chapters in NFL side plot history. Rest assured that I will be locked into this court case from opening to closing gavel. That, and I'll remember him how he would want to be remembered, a hard worker.

Chiefsaholic Hard Worker

Three days before the Bixby robbery, by the way.

(All crimes mentioned are alleged until proven in a court of law)

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