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NFL Week 16 Power Rankings: Chiefs are out of the top 10 after a win.

Super Bowl Favorites

Not much new to say. Purdy and McCaffrey are looking like the league MVPs as they lead an unstoppable offense charge week after week. It was a blowout, but the defense didn’t impress, giving up 430+ yards and 28 points to the Cardinals.

The Cowboys stay at two even after a disappointing loss to the Bills. They looked sloppy on both sides of the ball, run defense especially. They stay as a favorite because of what they can be, but the test of that will be on Sunday against a red-hot Dolphins team.

The AFC Super Bowl favorite is starting to pull away from the rest of the pack. Lamar carries this offense with jaw-dropping throws and runs, as well as makes sloppy plays far too often. He needs to do enough for the defense to win games, a unit that can make anyone look bad.

Super Bowl Contenders

Even without Tyreek, the Fins took care of the Jets. Earlier this season, the offense was historically good. Over the last five games, the defense is standing out as a top 3. They’re holding opponents to 13.8 points per game and 2.6 takeaways.

What stands out the most is the defense and James Cook. The RB had more total yards than the entire Cowboys offense on Sunday. Even with key injuries, the D stepped up and held a top 3 scoring offense to only a field goal and garbage time TD.

Super Bowl Hopefuls

The Lions don't care how hot your defense is playing. Goff torched Denver throwing for five touchdowns. I'm pretty confident in the Lions just as long as the Bears don't somehow make the playoffs.

Jake Browning's revenge game was one of the most entertaining watches of the year. Good teams find a way to win bad games, and the Vikings are a good team. So, for the Bengals to claw their way from being down 3-17 in the 4th quarter says a lot.

It didn’t feel right keeping this team in the top 10 after injuries to major offensive players. Now it feels right, the defense showed up to play Sunday, holding Tennessee to 204 yards and making key stops in OT for Case Keenum to do his thing.

They gave Drew Lock too much time.

Playoff Favorites

The most consistently inconsistent team in the league put a beating on New York on Sunday. The defense is playing outstanding, but we'll see if that matters against the Rams' high-powered offense on Thursday. Two blowout wins in a row means a close and frustrating loss is incoming.

The Chiefs drop after a sloppy performance against the awful Patriots. Great teams should play better against the bad ones. Can Kadarius Toney just sit on the bench?

The three-point win against Chicago is one they probably should've lost. But like I said last week, they have the legendary all-time great Joe Flacco slinging the ball around. If you know anything about Flacco, then you know that three interceptions and a game-winning touchdown are completely normal.

Capitalizing on turnovers and Minshew doing his thing was the story of Saturday's blowout win against Pittsburgh.

I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Baker. The QB put on an absolute clinic and possibly had the best performance of the season, top 5 at the least. 381 yards and four TDs on 33 attempts.

The Rams played as expected against Washington, putting up nearly 450 yards on offense. Brissett gave the defense a scare, but he wasn’t enough against a good team like LA.

They got curb-stomped by the Ravens, and they did it to themselves. Bad fumbles, missed field goals, and absolutely no run game are what cost them a winnable game. The AFC South is up for grabs now.

Playoff Hunt

Last week, I said all Nick Mullens had to do was manage the game, and that’s exactly what he did. He managed to throw two interceptions in Bengals territory, which could’ve been the difference in a game that went to overtime. The defense is great, but the QB set them up to lose.

Shoutout to this bad defense for holding the Eagles to only 17 points. On the other side of the ball, Lock played just alright and capped the night with a game-winning touchdown to JSN.

I'm sure anyone would’ve folded this badly against Jared Goff of all QBs, right? Not the Bears I know that. This bad loss kills pretty much all of their momentum and playoff hopes.

Can we agree that Trubisky doesn’t need to see play time again in this league? They’re showing their true colors during this three-game losing streak against beatable opponents.

The Packers' secondary is shredded cheese after Sunday. I want to know how good this team could be if injuries were turned off. Beat the Panthers next week and get healthy, and just maybe you can sneak in the playoffs.

No Man's Land

C'mon man, you’re making the Raiders look good.

This defensive unit has been playing outstanding the past few weeks, I know they wouldn’t have allowed 63 points. Fields has to be better if he doesn’t want to lose his spot to Caleb Williams.

They lost to the Panthers, who only kicked three field goals. Maybe use your young star players more often, and this won’t happen. At least the rookie QB you played didn’t lead his team to 42 points at halftime.

Tommy DeVito was bad, but the Saints have a ferocious defense, and the Giants have no O-Line. The best takeaway from Sunday is that they didn’t turn the ball over. Imagine if your backup QB had multiple turnovers returned for touchdowns.

What a game. What a turnaround. Scoring zero just to follow it up with 63 points days later! If you lose by that much, I'm sure the coach and GM would be fired the next day. Let's see if Las Vegas can finish the season strong against a pretty rough schedule.

The Titans lost a close one against Houston. Focus on reloading on the defensive side and trade your aging stars, and they could be scary in a couple of years with Levis at QB. Do you know who else should focus on the defense side...?

In no man's land, strays are flying everywhere. I hope no one got hit.

Playing for the Draft

The Cardinals look alright against the 49ers, especially their run game. But there isn't much to say about these later teams, they’re losing to get a good spot in the draft.

Last week, I laughed at the Panthers for the abysmal passing game... the Jets one-upped them. 1.9 yards per pass play. 43 attempts. Six sacks. Zero points. Worst O-Line in the league.

The Pats offense is still horrible. The only reason the game Sunday was close is due to the Chiefs shooting themselves in their foot. If only the Panthers could win a couple of games so Bill Belichick and co. can have the first overall pick.

Oh my goodness, the Panthers won a game. They did it only by kicking field goals, and with 73 people in attendance, but hey, a win is a win. And when a team this bad doesn’t have next year's draft pick, then wins are important in development.


This might be the end for Sam Howell, at least for this season. Because Jacoby Brissett looked quite great during his one-quarter of play. QB isn't the problem though; the Commanders' defense is the worst in the league. Well, at least you didn’t give up 42 points in a half to a rookie quarterback and an interim head coach.

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