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NFL Week 15 Power Rankings: Vikings move up huge and the Steelers fall down far.

Super Bowl Favorites

Best record in football, first in Expected Points added and in turnover ratio, and second in net points. Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey are in the MVP conversation.

Dem Boys have been in my top four for almost 11 weeks now and they proved it Sunday dominantly beating the fraudulent Philadelphia Eagles.

The Ravens keep doing Ravens things this week stopping a surging Rams offense in overtime. The best defense let 400+ yards slip by them, so if not for Lamar Jackson’s outstanding performance, it could’ve been much different. 

Super Bowl Contenders

A win is a win, and the Bills didn’t deserve this one. They've played like a great team the past couple of weeks, one that nobody wants to see in the playoffs, but no one is scared of them unless Josh Allen is playing like an MVP. 

How do you choke that bad? I understand you have injuries, but you were up 27-13 to the TITANS with three minutes left. Your star QB can’t be outplayed by Will Levis, and your MVP-caliber wideout was worse than a rookie RB!

Super Bowl Hopefuls

There’s nothing bad to say about the Eagles. They showed their true colors against a good team. Turnovers and poor defense will bring this team down during the playoffs. 

No one is expecting Jake Browning to take them all the way, but this is a talented team that deserves to be in the playoffs. No one wants to face them in January. 

One bad Stroud game is fine… but to be outplayed by Zach Wilson is another thing. CJ can still lead this team to a playoff spot, but it’s quite the challenge for an injured rookie, who’s lost his top two wide receivers. 

The Chiefs continue to play down to their opponents, and more times than not, it puts them in too many close games. And you can’t be expected to win every close one (unless you’re the 2022 Vikings) because ANYTHING can happen. Still, Mahomes needs to show some class.

Playoff Favorites

Everyone from 10-20 is interchangeable.

The offensive doesn’t look amazing, even with legendary all-time great quarterback Joe Flacco starting. This defense is suffocating teams, picking off Trevor Lawrence three times this week. Don’t throw in the towel on Cleveland just yet.

It’s hard to strike fear into your opponent when you turn the ball over three times to their zero. Fields outplayed Goff, and the Lions look like they have no answers defensively once again, five games in a row allowing 26+ points.

The good news is that even against an elite defense, the Jags are efficient in the red zone scoring 4/4. The bad news is that legendary all-time great Joe Flacco outplayed your franchise QB, who doesn’t look 100%.

How can a team that won 3-0 move up this much? Simply put, Dobbs was holding this team back, and Mullens can manage a game enough for the defense to shine. The Vikings have a top-two defense since Week 6 (6-2 in that time), holding teams to 15.0 points per game and 2.0 takeaways. 

The most inconsistent team in the league took care of the Panthers on Sunday. Derek Carr needs to be benched because he’s playing hurt. The Saints have a chance to win the worst division in football. Combine that with a great defense, and they stay this high in the rankings. 

This is a dangerously high-powered offense, full of star players. They put up 400 yards on the elite Ravens defense in a soul-crushing loss. One of the five hardest schedules in the sport hasn’t kept LA from playoff talks.

The most average team in the league. Their four-game win streak was stopped by a hungry Bengals team on Sunday. The playoff spot they hold probably won’t be theirs for much longer.

Good pass attack, but a bad run game. Great run defense, awful against the pass. They’re an NFC South team, what do you want me to say?

Since week 8, Denver’s defense is allowing only 15.3 points and taking the ball away 2.8 times per game! A complete turnaround from the four weeks they allowed 41.0 ppg and 500 yards per game to the teams WAS, MIA, CHI, and NYJ. By the way, they’re 5-1 since week 8.

Pittsburgh has been laughably bad against the Patriots and Cardinals these two weeks. I feel bad for their fans who had to watch the NVP himself, Mitch Trubisky, get outshined by Bailey Zappe on prime time. 

They gave Tommy DeVito too much time. Jordan Love could be better, but he’s not the problem. The kid is playing well.

No Man's Land

A Drew Lock-led team played better than expected against an unstoppable 49ers team. They still lost by 12 and gave up 528 yards. The Seahawks need to let Geno and Walker III recover fully, or they won’t win another game this year. 

They could hardly win anything with Herbert, and now that he’s out for the remainder of the season, there’s no shot they play well with… *checks notes* Easton Stick behind center. Fire the staff. Start over. It’s finished. (Editors Note: This was written before the Thursday Night Massacre)

Any game plan that sees Desmond Ridder throw 43 passes in a game is a recipe for disaster. If you can’t win when you out-gain your opponent by 140 yards, then you don’t deserve to be in playoff talks. 

Good job Bears, you won against the Lions. Each week this team looks more and more promising. They have a pretty great young QB and an above-average defensive. If only they weren’t the Bears and they’ll find a way to mess it up.

This team lives and dies by Tommy DeVito, right now. Their defense is average but recently they’ve won games due to not turning the ball over. The only bright spot on this rough-looking team. 

A pretty bad pass defense held the phenomenal Dolphins offense to less than 240 yards in the air. Will Levis looked great and outplayed everyone in Miami, at least in intensity and passion. 

The Jets have a top-five defense on the season and it showed on Sunday, putting CJ Stroud through hell. Zach Wilson looked like the better second overall pick ending the game with a 117.9 rating, his best on the season.

Playing For The Draft

The Cards had a BYE this week and shouldn’t have their eyes set on anything other than a top draft pick. Their remaining schedule is one of the hardest in the NFL.

They scored zero against a team that made one field goal. Aiden O’Connell is bad. 

Despite their lack of a capable QB, the Pats still have a near top 10 defense. Zappe was serviceable which is all that was needed against a struggling Steelers offense.

Carolina and Co.

2.5 yards per pass play. 40 attempts. Four sacks. 2.5 yards. 79 plays. Six points. 35 minutes of possession. Two field goals. lol

This is the first week since week one Washington allowed less than 200 passing yards, and the first time since Week 6 they committed zero turnovers. The Commanders had a BYE this week.

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