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NFL Week 14 Power Rankings: Texans and Rams Jump up while the Chiefs and Saints fall backward.

Super Bowl Favorites:

Putting a beating on the 10-1 Eagles keeps you in the top spot. Purdy is great but not the league MVP, despite the conversation being a fun one.

The refs helped a little in their Thursday night shootout with the Seahawks. On the brighter side, they beat the "only beats bad teams" allegations.

The Ravens had a BYE this week but stand strong as a top-three unit.

Super Bowl Contenders:

The Fins showed another bad team how good they are at blowing out bad teams. I expect the same against the Titans this week.

The Texans look great despite their record. They held off the red-hot Broncos but losing Tank Dell hurts them as they make a push for the playoffs.

Super Bowl Hopefuls:

The Eagles still haven’t impressed, and getting blown out by the 49ers only hurts their cause on this list. Hopefully, Shaq Leonard can assist a defense that needs it.

Buffalo needed a week to rest before a rough three-game stretch that includes the Chiefs, Cowboys, and Chargers.

The Lions dominated the Saints 21-0 in the first 7 minutes, but for the next 53, they were outscored 28-12 which is cause for concern.

Mahomes continues to be outplayed in losses. If the Chiefs want to be serious, their QB may need some help. And by some, I mean a lot.

Playoff Favorites:

Still, at the top of the division, Trevor Lawrence hasn’t impressed this season yet. This loss to the Bengals is one they’ll wish they had with the Colts and Texans looking good recently.

How does a team out-gain the Cardinals on offense and lose to them that badly? This team makes no sense, it’s frustrating.

Jake Browning put on a Monday night football performance for the ages. Like I said, don't count this team out yet.

This offense means business. Stafford, Nacua, and Williams put up almost 400 yards and 36 points on an elite Browns defense.

I'm old enough to remember when this team was supposed to be one of the worst in the league. Minshew is a clutch backup QB that many teams wish they had right now.

Old man Flacco looked fine in his Browns debut. They were just entirely outplayed, and the defense looked incapable of stopping anyone on Sunday.

Jordan Love spent his Sunday night carving up a good Chiefs defense. He's starting to look like the future of this franchise.

Playoff Hunt:

LA managed to hold the Patriots scoreless. The thing is, the Pats have a historically bad offense while the Chargers high-powered offense only put up two field goals in the 6-0 win. Sad.

The Saints looked great in the last three quarters. If only they didn't give up three touchdowns in the first seven minutes, then maybe this team can win the sorry NFC South.

The offense finally showed up to a game that couldn’t care less about defense. A zero-punt game is fine if you’re the team turning the ball over less, in this case, they were not that team.

Tampa took care of the 1-11 Panthers in a game that was a little too close for comfort. Baker is passable, and Mike Evans is still a star in this league.

Their five-game win streak ended at the hands of the Texans. The key to their success was limiting turnovers, and somehow they kept things close despite Wilson throwing three picks.

The Vikings had their BYE this past week, and are planning to take care of the mediocre Raiders on Sunday. If Josh Dobbs can show up, maybe we can see them sneak into the playoffs.

No Man's Land:

Congrats Atlanta, you beat the Boyle and Siemian-led Jets by only five points. I know this team will probably make the playoffs, but that’s due to their historically weak schedule.

Chicago loves to run the ball and stop the run, but not much else. They play the Lions next week, who are coming off a rough finish to their game. The Bears could catch them off guard and steal a win.

Devito is limiting turnovers and tossing touchdowns, which is exactly what the Giants needed instead of whatever Daniel Jones was. A BYE week has them preparing to take on the Packers and Jordan Love.

The Titans have some fight in them, but Will Levis can only do so much as a rookie. Henry being hurt kills any chance for them to win anything against a tough final stretch of games.

Back on the trail after their bye.

Just Awful:

The Jets are proving that the MVP is a QB. They are also proving that they have no idea that they should focus on providing the team with a good QB, the position that is the most valuable.

Kyler Murray doesn’t want Arizona to draft a QB, and they shouldn’t. A good win in Pittsburgh proved that when fully healthy, this team may have won 7-8 games.

Carolina has kept things interesting the past few weeks. Close losses to Tennessee and Tampa show some promise. They’re still awful, but they aren’t the worst on offense or defense.

You’re making the Panthers look good:

They’re holding teams to only 11.5 ppg in the last four weeks. Their offense only scored 30 points in those four games. My prediction for Thursday against the Steelers: PIT 3-0 NE

Dead last in +/- and turnover ratio. Since trading away a couple of great defenders, Howell is the only hope they have, and he hasn’t been great. I'm expecting more blowout losses to come.

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