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NFL Draft Diamond : Tywonne Harris, CB, Northern Colorado

With the NFL Draft coming up in a matter of days, one prospect that you should be looking out for has quite the story of how he went from a Louisiana Tech football player, to Butler Community College, then back to D1 FCS at Northern Colorado. Not only is this an interview, but if you want to hear just what type of player and person this is, there is a film analysis as well! Meet Northern Colorado Cornerback, Tywonne Harris.


Q - "Tell Us About Yourself. How was your experience in college football?"

A - "My college experience was a journey filled with trials and tribulations I started off at Louisiana Tech University and messed my grades up and got kicked out of school. After, I went juco to Butler Community College, then transferred to Northern Colorado"

Q - Through all of those ups and downs, everyone has something that keeps them pushing forward. What is your “why?” that keeps you pushing forward?

A - “My why has changed over the years first it was my mom she passed away September 20, 2019, and I just wanted to make her proud with everything I do. Then, I dislocated my knee that same season in juco and doctors told me I wouldn’t be able to play again. But I recently had a son and he’s been my biggest why so I’ll have to say everything I’ve been through and my son”.

Q - How have you approached your offseason training leading up to the NFL Draft?

A - "Understanding how to be a pro for real. When I was doing my pro day training at traction, I attacked each day like a pro"

Q - How has Pro Day, as well as this Draft Process been for you? Have you met with/talked to any teams?

A - “My pro day was good I put up some solid numbers and moved good in the drills. The draft process has been good; it’s a different feeling making the transition of being a pro. My agent talked to a few teams such as Broncos, Colts, Texans, and Buccaneers”

Q - If you had to describe your play in one word to GM’s, what word would you choose and why?

A - “Scrappy because every time I step in between the white lines, I’m going to compete every day and also bring energy”

Q - GMs want guys who want to compete for sure, that seems like what they’d be getting when taking you. A GM wants to know what they’re getting both as a player and a person though. So tell us, what qualities, both on and off the field, will you bring to your new team?

A - “On the field you are going to get an ultimate competitor, a playmaker, a guy that prides himself on getting the ball back, a guy that’s willing to do anything for the team to help win, a versatile DB that can play corner, nickel, and safety, as well as a guy that brings energy to the team every day. Off the field you are going to get a leader, and a guy that helps the community grow”

Q - That’s a very sure answer, and it seems like you’re a very team-first/community-type person who also knows the value they can bring to a team. There are many people out there who have come and gone at the defensive back position. If you could pick someone you model your game after, who would it be?

A - “2 people come to mind: Amik Robertson because of our competitive nature and Tyrann Mathieu because of being versatile and being able to play anywhere in the secondary.”

Q - Those are two very respectable choices. You’ve proven you can be versatile, but what is something that you believe can separate you from the rest of the players at your position?

A - "Take me because I'm going to come in and compete day 1 and willing to do anything the team needs me to do. I bring energy to the team"

In conclusion, when you are taking Tywonne Harris, not only are you getting someone who is ready to compete, but you're getting someone who wants to better his teammates, and his community as well.

Film Analysis

Tywonne Harris

Height/Weight - 5'10, 185 lbs

40-yard dash - 4.50

Vertical - 33.5"

Bench - 14 Reps

When taking a deeper look at Tywonne Harris, there is a reason they call him "Hawk". The first thing that explodes off the screen is the way he attacks the line of scrimmage to make a play. As soon as anyone is in the flat, you see Harris flying up to make a play. One thing to note is that they are never "big hits" but they are sure tackles that show his technique is on par. Not only can Harris play Cornerback, he can also play Nickelback, and even slide in at Safety. The versatility is sure to help out whichever team takes the shot on him. As far as his coverage goes, he can both press up on bigger receivers and hold his own, but also drop into zone when needed as well. His instincts and football IQ, as he stated in the interview, show up in the film as well. Going hand-in-hand with the instincts and IQ are the way he can break on the ball when it is thrown his way. There are multiple times on film where he is able to put his heel into the ground and close any space between him and the receiver in order to disrupt the pass. One last note on Harris's play is that on film, his coach showed trust in his ability to win on the outside and felt comfortable leaving him one-on-one with a bigger receiver in the red zone, which speaks for itself in his ability to win on the outside.


  • Able to roam and play multiple spots such as corner, nickel, and safety.

  • Very sure tackler

  • One thing that stands out multiple times is his break on the ball

  • Very good change of direction/flipping the hips

  • Trusted on the outside in red-zone situations

  • Flys up to the line of scrimmage and attacks when tackling (doesn't wait)

Main Image Via: Twitter

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