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NFL Combine 2023: Head Coaches and GMs on Day 1

With no "real" NFL action for the last few weeks, all eyes were on the limited media availability from NFL head coaches and general managers on Tuesday.

The 2023 NFL Combine in Indianapolis began today, and the show started with Green Bay Packers GM Brian Gutekunst speaking to the national media. And boy did Gutekunst do everything but put out the national firestorm surrounding Aaron Rodgers.

When Gutekunst was asked if he wanted Rodgers back as their QB in 2023, he answered that they would "have to have those discussions first." And when he was later asked about what the next step was for 4th year QB Jordan Love, Gutekunst said "starting in the NFL."

Gutekunst later said he "looks forward to seeing Jordan develop in Green Bay."

So... If Gutekunst wants to see Love develop here, and the next step is starting then...

But alas, that was the only QB controversy in Indianapolis today, right?


Bears head coach Matt Eberflus refused to name Justin Fields the starter in 2023, while saying that Chicago was "absolutely doing their homework on those top guys," referring to the 4 top QBs in the class.

If the Bears do stick with Fields, I have confirmed that it will take at least two first round picks to move Chicago out of the top spot, and would require "significant draft capital" to bring the Bears below 4th in the draft order.

Speaking of confusing quarterback talk, Bucs GM Jason Licht said he has "no issue" rolling into 2023 with Kyle Trask at QB, and the Jets will not move Zach Wilson but have not "changed their stance" on his role in the organization.

Moving south, Mike McDaniel stole the show in the afternoon, by mentioning some very interesting things throughout his press conference, including but not limited to:

-His muscles

-Being afraid of tampering (2X)

-Kevin Greene -

Signing a reporter at WR


Sadly, I am not the reporter suiting up in the Dolphins sweet teal uniforms in 2023, but I did calm McDaniel's fears about tampering when he discussed the QB sneak rule change that is being reviewed by the NFL.

For the prospects, they will begin to speak tomorrow morning bright and early. Defensive lineman and linebackers will have their press conferences tomorrow, and then a few head coaches and general managers will round out the afternoon.

While I doubt some of the prospects will be as entertaining as McDaniel or cause as much drama as Aaron Rodgers, it is very exciting to talk to the next generation of NFL talent here in Indianapolis.

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Mike Hurley
Mike Hurley
28 févr. 2023

How did you calm McDaniel's nerves about tampering?

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