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NFC Divisional Analysis: Winners and Losers of Offseason Moves

In this NFL offseason, the NFC East has witnessed amazing narratives as teams aimed to strengthen their rosters for the season. One team emerged as a clear winner managing to make all the deals to really contend this year, while another seemed to have missed the mark.

The Washington Commanders, under the leadership of their new owners and front office, put together a series of moves that have really intrigued me, and have me excitedly waiting to see their next pick up this draft. Snagging veteran quarterback Marcus Mariota, known for his experience as a starter, the Commanders have secured a mentor for their yet to be determined likely second pick in this NFL draft's young quarterback prospect pool whoever they decided to draft has a decent looking future in front of them. They also acquiring the dynamic running back Austin Ekeler adds a potent weapon to their offensive arsenal, showing their intent to dominate the ground game and try to make it easier on the young QB they might try to trust into the starting spot.

While the Dallas Cowboys, despite possessing a talented roster, opted to do very little this offseason. Following a disappointing end to their playoff run, the Cowboys failed to address glaring areas of improvement, raising questions about their ability to go “All in” as they stated at the end of this past season. While stability is commendable, in the landscape of the NFL, not taking any risks or jumps to make your team  better can quickly lead to regression. 

NFC North:

In the NFC North, the Chicago Bears have emerged as the undeniable victors of the offseason frenzy. Their trade for star wide receiver Keenan Allen now excites me to see their offensive firepower can do for whatever rookie they take number one overall. Complementing this bold move, the Bears fortified their roster with key pickups such as running back D'andre Swift and cornerback Jaylon Johnson, showing me they might contend for the divisional crown as early as this upcoming season. The Green Bay Packers' offseason endeavors have left me scratching my head. While the addition of running back Josh Jacobs provides a boost to their ground game, the decision to overlook any other big name signing leaves me thinking their season might just end faster then it did last year. The Packers' inability to address deficiencies in their receiving corps and defensive unit may prove to end their postseason dreams early.


NFC South:

In the NFC South, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have once again shown there dominance in the free agency market. By retaining key pieces such as Mike Evans and Baker Mayfield, while also bolstering their ranks with strategic signings on both the offensive line and defense, the Buccaneers have solidified their status as contenders once again this year. The Buccaneers have assembled a decent roster capable of withstanding the depth charts and possibly make it back to championship football. Conversely, the New Orleans Saints find themselves staring down many missed opportunities during the offseason. With minimal efforts to address glaring problems with the team and a reliance on underwhelming signings, the Saints risk falling behind in the NFC South. 

NFC West:

In the cutthroat battleground of the NFC West, the Arizona Cardinals have emerged as the most ambitious this offseason for their division. Securing key defensive reinforcements in Sean Murphy-Bunting and Justin Jones, the Cardinals have fortified their ranks in a bid to challenge the well established 49ers and Rams. With aspirations of dethroning their rivals atop the NFC West, the Cardinals have signaled their intent to compete at the highest level.

The Seattle Seahawks on the other hand find themselves looking at a lackluster offseason. While the addition of Noah Fant provides me with some hope, the Seahawks' failure to make substantial upgrades across the roster raises concerns about their competitiveness in a division teeming with talent. In a league where boldness is often rewarded, the Seahawks' tepid approach may leave them trailing in the division ranks this season.

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