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New England Patriots 2024 Team Mock Draft 1.0

With the Patriots' new-look coaching staff, featuring Alex Van Pelt, Jeremy Springer, and Dont'a Hightower (!!!!!) as incoming assistants under Jerod Mayo, but free agency still about a month out, now feels like a good time for Patriots to start and get familiarized with NFL draft prospects, specifically outside of the top three QB options.

So, what I ended up doing was four mock drafts. A scenario where they traded up to No. 1 (which I would highly consider unless the Bears are being just that unreasonable), a trade-down scenario (the worst possible outcome), and simply sticking at three in a pair of runs. What you're about to see is one version of that final scenario, since it's hard to say what the Patriots' true intentions are this far out.

NOTE: All Trade Values are based on the Rich Hill Model

My List of Patriots' Team Needs Ranked:

1st - Quarterback

t-2nd- Left Tackle and Boundary Wide Reciever

4th - Tight End

5th - Interior Defensive Line Depth

2024 New England Patriots Team NFL Mock Draft 1.0

Round 1, Pick 3) New England Patriots - Jayden Daniels, QB (LSU)

For whatever reason, the Commanders passed up on a QB, leaving me the choice of either Daniels or Maye, which I doubt happens in reality, but if I had the outright choice of one or the other, I'd go with the LSU product, largely due to Daniels' upside, but some other mechanical concerns I have with Maye.

So, what does Jayden Daniels bring to the table? It doesn't take long to notice, but he has out-of-this-world mobility, borderline Louisville Lamar Jackson-esque. Having watched Alabama vs LSU on tape several times already, ALABAMA defenders had no answers for him in the speed department. The one key thing to note is, having gone back and watched some of Lamar's college stuff, I think Daniels is coming into the league as a better all-around thrower. He still has some room for improvement, but that is worth mentioning.

As for some other positives, he's the top QB in this class in terms of committing the fewest turnover-worthy plays, has an above-average deep ball, and is a better pocket passer than you'd probably expect.

Now, for some concerns, which there are some with Daniels, right away is that he is a bit on the slim size, but he plays like he's 30 lbs heavier. Not exactly great, and that has gotten him into trouble with taking hits. I brought up to a friend that it borderline looks like Mr. Burns trying to lay down a bunt during "Homer at the Bat". It's legitimately that cartoonish at times. Next up would be the fact he's entering the league as a fifth-year senior, less so about his age, he turns 24 this year but not until December. His Heisman campaign was spectacular, but it was also the only season where he threw for over 3000 yards.

Given some of the quarterbacks Alex Van Pelt has worked with in years past (Aaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton, Baker Mayfield, and a certain Nasty Man), I think all of the top three options could work in New England, but Daniels is easily the most intriguing fit. I'm confident he could run his style of offense without any glaring issues, and you saw the Browns incorporate the Nasty Man's legs into designed looks, so I have no reason to believe that wouldn't be the case for Daniels either. Either way, he's as dynamic a quarterback as we've seen enter the draft in several years.


Patriots Receive: Picks 37, 105, and 182 (201)

Chargers Receive: Picks 34 and 181 (182)

Round 2, Pick 37) New England Patriots (via Los Angeles Chargers) - A.D. Mitchell, WR (Texas)

Ended up doing this exact trade in the initial run of mocks I did, and thought the risk of dropping down a few spots was worth it to get an extra fourth. Luckily, the guy we wanted, Texas' A.D. Mitchell, managed to slip through the cracks with all three of the tier-two QBs (Michael Penix Jr., J.J. McCarthy, and Box Nix) and some round-one caliber defenders still up for grabs.

When I did some post-draft scouting on Christian Gonzalez last year, Mitchell was legitimately the only guy to give him fits in a half-dozen-game sample size. He's not much of a YAC guy, but at 6'4" and about 200 lbs, he has elite physical traits, paired with great hands, and has a track record of producing in big spots, both at Georgia and Texas. Might be my outright favorite player in this draft. Mitchell is a great kid with a good story and is a flat baller.

Round 3, Pick 68) New England Patriots - Ja'Tavion Sanders, TE (Texas)

I don't think Ja'Tavion Sanders will fall out of the second round when we get to draft weekend, but here, he's excellent value. Widely considered the second-best tight end in this class behind Brock Bowers, the Texas product isn't exactly your prototypically sized tight end at 6'3" and 252 lbs, but he makes up for that with excellent hands, speed, and route running ability. Especially since there weren't any tackles here that scratched the itch, getting Daniels a pair of bonified playmakers is far from a bad way to attack things.

Round 4, Pick 103) New England Patriots - Christian Jones, OT (Texas)

In a perfect world, the Patriots would've gotten someone to fill a hole at one of the tackle spots with one of the last two picks, but that's how things shake sometimes. With that said, Jones is someone who I've seen linked to the Patriots in recent weeks, and I do think he makes some sense. Despite being a sixth-year senior, the Texas product will only be 24 as a rookie, which isn't too bad given his position.

Speaking of which, Jones has spent most of his time at Texas playing right tackle, which if the Patriots keep Mike Owenu, would force him to the other side of the line, where he didn't have a great year in 2021. Granted, Jones has some elite physical traits, standing at 6'6" with a wingspan a hair under 84 inches, which is absurd even by offensive lineman standards. I ultimately would be willing to work through the growing pains of flipping him to left tackle with that in mind.

Round 4, Pick 105) New England Patriots (via Los Angeles Chargers) - Bucky Irving, RB (Oregon)

How about one more playmaker for the road? There were a few other running backs I considered here, namely Wisconsin's Braelon Allen and UNH's Dylan Laube, but there weren't many better playmakers at the running back position in 2023 than Bucky Irving. 13 total scores, 1108 yards on the ground, and 413 yards through the air on 56 catches. He's not the biggest back you've ever seen at 5'10" and 195 lbs, but the track record of production is undeniable, and he might be a pretty good fit for an Alex Van Pelt offense if he's going to stick with what he did in Cleveland, being a lot of gap pulls and outside zone in the run game.


Patriots Receive: Picks 152 and 176 (19)

Rams Receive: Pick 135 (16)

Round 5, Pick 152) New England Patriots (via Los Angeles Rams) - Jalyx Hunt, EDGE/SAF (Houston Christian)

Friend of the TDTMedia program, Jalyx Hunt, is as interesting a project prospect in this draft. The Houston Christian product only recently switched to edge rusher but has 15 sacks in his two seasons since the switch. He's a project, but think of this in a similar vein as Keion White last year. Get him in the building, and give him a chance to further develop himself as a depth guy. I don't think Josh Uche will be in Foxborough moving forward, so this would help alleviate that somewhat. Also, he started his college career at Cornell, so do with that what you will.

Round 5, Pick 176) New England Patriots (via Los Angeles Rams) - Julian Pearl, OT (Illinois)

After the Calvin Anderson and Riley Rieff signings backfired on the Patriots last year, they'd be wise to try to get a younger depth option in the building. Pearl has spent the last two years at Illinois as a left tackle after some stints at right tackle and guard in the prior couple of seasons. A bit underweight at 314 lbs, but you can't teach an 85 and 6/8ths inch wingspan. Couldn't hurt to take him in this range certainly.

Round 6, Pick 182) New England Patriots (via Los Angeles Chargers) - Justin Eboigbe, EDGE/IDL (Alabama)

Without Matt Judon for just about the entire year, you saw the Patriots pass rush struggle to generate sacks outside Christian Barmore down the stretch. I don't think you can ever have too many guys who can be pass-rush threats, and I think a guy like Eboigbe would be a great natural fit for the Patriots. Alabama wasn't shy about moving him around the defensive front, inside and off the edge. He only had a ton of production last year as a fifth-year senior, but the versatility is elite, and this feels like the exact kind of guy to take a chance on at this point in the draft.

Round 7, Pick 228) New England Patriots - Will Reichard, K (Alabama)

The argument for drafting a kicker here is simple. Chad Ryland should be put to the test the second camp opens up, and with a ton of needs addressed, why risk a guy you like getting to the UDFA market? One thing to note about Reichard: he was a perfect 5-5 from 50-plus in 2023 and has zero career misses inside of 30 yards.

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