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Monsoon on the Lake Front: Bears beat 49ers 19-10

The sun is out, the ground has dried out and there are no more slip and slides at Soldier Field. The clarity in the sky during the last few days have given me the same opportunity to clear my thoughts after the Chicago Bears victory against the San Fransisco 49ers.

I will start with a humble brag first. When the 49ers decided to go with Trey Lance instead of Chicago born, Jimmy G, I knew there were infinitely better chances for the Chicago Bears to not only cover the spread but win! Insane spread of +7 by the way!! I digress; I am not writing this for you to read me complain about how the national media has continued to disrespect the Bears *cough* *cough*... shut up Mike Martz... *cough* *cough*.

So, what was enjoyable about watching this game against the 49ers last weekend? Well, there were a few I want to point out and some... well, not so good things I saw too.

Let's go with the not so good first:

Kyler Gordon

I get it, I'm nitpicking but the 49ers DID target Gordon in the game. More so in the 1st half it seemed but it did go to a tune of Trey Lance's QB rating throwing to Gordon's side at 109.7 and giving up 51 yards receiving. Gordon will likely see more throws his way this year but his ability to play the ball in the air should produce takeaways for the Washington product.

Justin Fields (1st half)

I don't know if it was the lack of diverse play calling by Getsy due to the weather or not having his Michael Jackson glove on his throwing hand but Fields looked very pedestrian. I was at the point of standing at the food table... eating my wings with ranch all over my face saying... "Another Bears QB, here we go again." That is until, the glove was put on!

Mooney, Cmet and Montgomery

Uh? Let us just hope the lack of production from the skill positions was because of the weather or because the 49ers did a good job of focusing their respective efforts in stopping these men. I would love to see more from them all this week!

What went right though?!

Justin Fields (2nd half)

Seeing Fields use his feet to get out of the pocket and make plays that utilizes his unique skillset is exactly why the Bears drafted him! Need to see more of this Sunday night in Lambeau Field against the Packers!

The Bears offensive line

The group was seen as the weakest link on the team but to perform as well as they did against, what many consider, a top 5 defensive line with a guy name Bosa just makes me question why I listen to national media coverage talking Bears football.

Matt Eberflus

One thing I've noticed about Coach 'Flus', he is paired with a team that shares his demeanor and now also believes in his philosophy. Buy in is always easier when the work bares fruit right away with a win but what I love is his "not to high, not too low," approach. It will help maintain a level of consistency and expectations this team has not seen since the Lovie Smith days.

Bears - Packers week guys!

Until next time...

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